August 13, 2022
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Easy Way to Apply China Visa | China Visa Application Guide

Do you know that you can apply China Visa today and get it tomorrow? There are tons of China visa types that you have to explore and choose from, before application commences. Now, what determines that type of China visa that you will apply?

China visa is not everybody. There are people under the Free visa pass and these category of applicants still need other supplementary documents to travel to China such as their color photo that is just recently captured and a passport of at least 6 months validity. Sometimes, there are other additional documents that will be accessed by the consulate of their area before accepting their requests.

Apart from this kind of people, others are expected to follow the normal procedure in applying for a China visa. We will guide you on the easy to apply China Visa so that you can do it three months before your departure. A China visa seizes to validate Immediately it is three months prior to the day it was issued. So, before you apply the China visa application form, get it processed, and approved, you must be ready to live your location at least two months from the day it was issued.

Also, your photo passport has the requirements to cover so that you won’t face rejection. On the other hand is your application form. Although you have to follow the essential direction of finding out whether you need the Chinese visa or not, there are consulates terms and conditions for filling any visa form and that includes type-written form with no empty space or blank left. You will see others here as you follow us.

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Chinese Embassy Requirements for China Visa Application Form

It turned out that there are hopeful routines to follow in filling the application form to get immediate attention once submitted. I hope you enjoy this blog and it also works for you.

  • First is the fact that you must apply few months, at least, two months before your departure date. You cannot travel with an expired visa or even extend the visa validation until you enter China.
  • One of the things to do with the form is that it must be filled as a hard copy. The texts in the form will appear as typed words for the application form to be considered.
  • The application form will come along with the supporting documents that we will still reveal here to you.

You can see other requirements below;

See Documents for China Visa Application

To apply China visa, these are the essential basic materials to get ready. Additional documents will depend on the application type that you are going. These are the types of visa for China immigrants:

  1. Education Visa for students. Also called student visa
  2. Travel visa
  3. Fun visa ( tourist visa )
  4. Business visa for work – For employees and employers.
  5. Family visa for visits.
  6. Other visa types.

When you check your eligiblity for visa-free policies for China travelers, you will either go ahead with finding out the visa you need by comparing your travel purpose, after that:

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Easy Way to Apply China Visa

You cannot apply China visa online because there is no consulate activities or China embassy activities online. They need you to be present for biometric verification and other processes. You also need to make your payment and collect your passport alongside the visa on the appointed date for your pick-up.

  1. Check your visa type.
  2. Download the application form according to your visa type here.
  3. Fill the form as we suggested above.
  4. Attach the basic requirements that we have already mentioned and add other supporting documents that corresponds with your visa type. Just like student visa needs admission form from the Chinese university, other visa types need additional files.
  5. Submit the form to the Chinese Embassy or consulate that works in your country.
  6. If you want to get the visa tomorrow, you may need to pay extra money. They can even process it overnight or offer the same day service if you come early in the morning with more money.
  7. However, if you need normal processing, on the pick up day that will be mentioned in your pickup list, three things will happen, your payment, retrieval of your valid passport, and the China visa.
  8. This is the easy way to apply China visa.

You can see how simple and straightforward the process takes. If you still got questions, let us know in the comment box below.

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