August 13, 2022
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Easy Way to Become MTN MoMo Agent in SouthAfrica | Nigeria | Ghana

This page contains vital information on an easy way to become MTN momo agent in Africa. While teaching you this, you will come to learn what it takes to become an MTN momo agent.

First of all, I am sure you know that the New MTN Momo agent is a neighborhood shop where you can go to, to receive or send money to your friends, loved ones, etc. within the African region. This is the new MTN package and it is the fastest and most convenient way to send and receive money.

Now, are you in the village or a student that is stranded somewhere? or You are desperate in need of money real quick, MTN MMO agent is here to deliver you from that financial stress. All you need do is to have somebody send you money via an MTN momo agent and then you will receive it anywhere you are.

Moreover, you don’t need to have an account with the bank or be on a working day to receive money from momo agent shop, simply have someone send you money and then grab them wherever you are.

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How Does it Work?

Here is how the New MTN momo agent service works:

  • Now, tell your friends, loved ones or family member to send you money via the MTN momo agent.
  • The person will be given a code and you will equally get a code.
  • You are then expected to visit the MTN momo agent shop close to you with your code to get your money.

The Purpose of the Package

The New MTN MoMo agent services are set in place so as to:

  • Help people who don’t have an account in the bank send and receive money.
  • To Facilitate transactions
  • For cash to cash transactions.
  • To save people from financial stress.

Meanwhile, with MTN momo agent, anyone can send and receive money form any parts of Nigeria without having an account with the bank.

How do I Send Money at a MoMo Agent?

  • You are to locate an agent who is close to you, to send money, and then hand over cash to the agent.
  • The Agent will enter the sender and receiver’s phone numbers and performs the transaction.
  • You will automatically receive a 5 digit secret code to be shared with the receiver for redemption. while the person who is to receive the money will receive a different 5 digits token required at the point of redemption.
  • The sender informs the receiver to take both tokens to the nearest Agent for cash redemption.

What Do I Need to Become an Agent

Here are the things you need to become an MTN MoMo Agent:

  • You must have an existing business or readily prepared to open one, for example, Pharmacy shop, provision store, food store, etc.
  • You must also have a valid means of Identification.
  • A passport photograph.
  • You must have an opening balance of #20,000.

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Easy Way to Become MTN MoMo Agent in SouthAfrica | Nigeria | Ghana

So how do you join MTM Momo agent:

  • Provide all the information detailed above.
  • Locate any nearest MTN branch or outlet to pick up the MTN momo agent application form.
  • Fill-up the form and submit.
  • MTN MOMO Agent Registration Form
  • Click here to download form now.

Hope this guide was helpful?


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