Easy way to Delete AnastasiaDate Account Permanently

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Here is the easy way to delete AnastasiaDate account permanently, but if you must delete AnastasiaDate account, then here are a few things you need to know. number one is that you may end up losing all your chats, also your profile will be deleted completely and no one will be able to know that you existed on that platform.

However, there are so many ways you can follow to take care of whatever issue you are facing as regards to your account. The AnastasiaDate dating site is an amazing website founded by Elena and David Besuden in 1993, for more than 27 years it has revealed that it has the capacity to find proper partner for its subscribers.

Moreover, above 5 million people who are members of AnastasiaDate become members because they heard a lot of testimonies from friends and loved ones about the site.

Now, if you must know, AnastasiaDate website is one of the most visited online dating site, just like Tinder, Two, Hinge and POFit is largely accepted by singles who are in need of life partner, more to that, as a subscriber you can send messages and receive messages, you can also live chat and do cam share too, but Most importantly, you can find a genuine relationship.

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Why People Delete AnastasiaDate Account

From our research, we have come to find out why most people who deactivated Anastasiadate account did:

  • Number one is that, they have found what they were looking for (Love).
  • Also, they wouldn’t want to be seen as not satisfied.
  • However, the most common reasons was that some were receiving mails or call it promotional letters from companies who makes the email account to look like spammed, however, this case has be resolved.

How to Handle this Issue

If you were among those who receive emails or newsletters from companies that you don’t know about, you may not need to panic, because your account is safe, simply block such companies and then spam their messages. However, if your mind is still made up about deleting your account, here is what you need to do.

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Easy way to Delete AnastasiaDate Account Permanently

Currently, there are two ways of which you can delete your Anastasiadate and they are to:

  • Push a call across to this number +1(800) 356-3130.
  • Once its connected request to them to terminate your membership and your account.

Second Method

  • Log on to your email account and send a mail to AnastasiaDate to delete your account.
  • Forward your mail to unsubscribe@anastasiadate.com
  • Now follow the url “https://www.anastasiadate.com” and sign-in to your account.
    On the dashboard click on my account and then my profile.
  • Navigate to my profile to remove your every details like your address name etc
  • Click on done and here you are.

Hope this guide was helpful?

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