August 13, 2022
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Easy way to Delete Sent Messages on Instagram Permanently

Instagram is very easy and fun to use especially when you know how to use all features. For instance if you want to delete sent messages on instagram permanently all you need do is to locate your message and then follow the prompts.

Unlike Facebook, Twitter and the rest that may take a long process, Instagram is very much easy to use. Now, take for instance you mistakenly sent a message which you shouldn’t have, the next is that you will start feeling bad, but then, if the option to quickly delete an instagram message is not there, you may feel bad and your fears will become a reality.

Nevertheless, it’s not so with Instagram, no wonder every celebrity crave to be live on it. Moreover if you would like to learn how to delete sent messages on instagram permanently you can read further.

How to Delete Sent Messages on Instagram Permanently

This sections contain all that is involved in getting rid of messages sent wrongly on Instagram:

  • Lunch your browser and log on to your instagram account.
  • Visit the message box that is housing the contents which you will like to delete.
  • Press-hard on the message and wait for a pop-up notification.
  • Here they are, so “would you want to unsend message or copy message”
  •  Delete Sent Messages on Instagram image
  • Chosoe to unsend message.
  • Anther pop-up notification will appear, informing you that the receiver may have seen the message sent,
  •  Delete Sent Messages on Instagram image
  • Proceed by taping on ok and then wait to remove.

What Happens When You Remove Delivered Message on Instagram

These are things that may likely happen once you delete your sent message on Instagram

  • If the message was sent when the recipient was online, the person may also know that you have deleted the chat.
  • You may not be able to undo this act.

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How to Delete a Message on Instagram without the Receiver Knowing

Now, am sure this is the next thing you will like to know, but one thing you will learn from us is that, Instagram is not a magic house and so, things works according to how it’s programed. More so, you have one option to delete and what happens after should be left for Instagram, however, if you sent a message and you want to delete the message without the knowledge of the recipient, the only thing you will have to do is to delete it before the person receives.

For instance you sent a message when he or she was not online, this time, you have the opportunity to delete it without the person knowing, but once the other end receives it, it will be hard for you to un-send it without the person knowing.


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