Easy Way to Recharge Prepaid Electricity Meter Online Free

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Have someone told you that you can recharge prepaid electricity meter online? Well, you can do so. If you are using a prepaid meter, then you need not to worry about making your subscription. We will show you the easy way to pay for electricity bill online.

In this modern days, you don’t need to queue up in the bank or at the Electricity distribution company for you to pay for electric light.  So far you have the digital power consumption calculation device (DPCCD) to calculate your consumption of light. This mean that, with the prepaid meter, you can find out what you consumed in the light per a day. It can be calculated every seconds, minutes, days etc.

Major Ways to Recharge Electricity

There are four Basic Ways to pay for NEPA light and we will be listing them for you on this page.

  • Payment via the bank

Bank permits payment of utilities which light is one of them. You can pay for light in any bank of your choice. Visit GTBank, FCMB, Zenith bank, Access, UBA or any bank of your choice to pay for your light, the same charge applies to any method you used.

  • Electricity payment via DPCC device

The digital power consumption calculation device calculates your light consumption and by that, you can know when to recharge and what to recharge. Once your light finishes you can subscribe for your light using any of the means listed here on this page.

  • Electrify payment via mobile phone.

Mobile phone users can equally enjoy the option of subscribing to light with ease. Now, use the USSD code of your bank to recharge for light or simply download Nigerian electricity distribution company app to make a payment for your light all time.

  • Through road side agents

You can subscribe for light though a road side agent. But this only works for those using a prepaid meter. Simply visit any of the agent close to your area to recharge for light. Same price applies to all the methods used.

  • Payment though EEDC Office

Visit the EEDC (NEPA) office to pay for light. Pay for your light as charged by the EEDC marketer close to you. You can find out how much you are billed and pay as stipulated.

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Easy Way to Recharge Prepaid Electricity Meter Online Free

Online method is the easiest way to pay for light, if you are using a prepaid meter; you may as well find this medium very convenient. See the step to follow for that to be accomplished.

Step One

Open your bank mobile app just as you can see in the image below. Once your app is opened. Simply tap on payments and then select Utility payment.

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Step Two

Identify the kind of utility payment which you will like to do. Choose electricity bill payment among the list opened and tap on next.

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Step three

Fill up the form that will be shown you, the details needed are: name of distribution company (example, Enugu Distribution Company, Abuja distribution company etc.), choose meter type, enter your meter number, enter your name, insert your email address and, mobile phone number. Now put amount and tap on continue.

Step Four

If all the information you entered is correct, you will be nexted to choose your account payment option if you have many. Enter your password for the account and next.

Step Five

Congratulations, payment is made, you will see the code to use for your recharge also see how to print it if you want.


How to Recharge Prepaid Electricity Meter Online with Mobile

Mobile phone users can recharge for light using the steps shown above, but you will have to be sure that you have your bank’s mobile app for this to happen. Sign up your app account and connect to commence.

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