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Tag Someone on Facebook – Tagging someone on Facebook means to create a connection between you and that person. What that means is that, that particular comment, story, page etc. which you tagged the person to will appear on the person’s timeline. The person will see it and his contacts will also see it.

Facebook tagging is easy and fun, so on this page is how to tag someone on Facebook. But here is something you must know. There are so many things you can tag someone to, on Facebook. You can tag friends on Facebook comment, tag friends on Facebook photo, tag your contacts on Facebook video and so on and so forth.

We will therefore show you all the steps to them all. However, before we take you to the steps involved, be reminded now that Facebook 2020 now has new features and the upcoming app is Facebook 2021.

Easy way to Tag Someone on Facebook

Just like we said above, to tag a person on Facebook is easy and it’s free and that there are so many things you can tag someone for, so let’s show you the steps involved one after the other.

How to Tag Someone on Facebook photo

  • Open your browser and log on to your Facebook account.
  • Go to your profile edit page and choose or upload a photo you will like to share.
  • Immediately after your upload or selection, you will see an option to tag someone whom you will like to link to your photo.
  • Choose the person r person ad once you are done, click on post.

As simple as that, you have tagged someone on your photo. So this implies that the person will be seeing such photo on his timeline.

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To Tag My Friends on Facebook Story.

  • Open your Facebook app or from the website, log on to your account.
  • Tap or click on story, which is the first box by the upper right hand side of your screen.
  • More so, make sure that your Facebook is in normal mode and not on free mode.
  • Tap on the image you will like to add or simply make a video instantly.
  • After election or video making, tap or click on “Aa” which represents text, afterwards, say or two things about your story or ignore that if you don’t’ want to
  • Type on the “Aa” icon “@followed by” the names of the people you wanted to tag.
  • Post your story and that is done.

To Tag a Person on Facebook Video

The same steps are applicable to all the post you will like to post including comments:

  • Log on to your account.
  • Upload a video or select a video from your profile.
  • Write one or two things about the video. (optional)
  • The number next is to add tags, now choose or type-in the names of the person you will like to tag.
  • Post your video and go check their timeline.

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How to Tag on Facebook Mobile.

Facebook mobile phone version houses all the thing that the desktop version has. Therefore if you have a smartphone, you can also observe the same steps shown above to tag someone on Facebook. Simply locate your account and then observe any of the steps shown above to post and tag anyone that you want.



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