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Have you seen the new Facebook apk? If yes then what you will be learning here is how to do Facebook apk download. If you download Facebook now, you will be able to share stories on Facebook, download latest music from your time line, post comments with lots of emoji’s GIFs, stickers etc.

Why join Facebook? Facebook gets you connected with your family, loved ones and friends when you TRAVEL, Facebook is all you need to be touch with those you love. Travel may not be fun if you lose those you should have been in touch with

However, that will not happen if you do Facebook apk download now, so am going to be showing you how you can download Facebook app for free, but first, if you do not have a Facebook account or if you had one but got rid of it; the sad news is, you may not be able to enjoy any of Facebook old and new features. More so, if you are still using the Facebook apk old version.

More interesting! The Facebook apk new version permits 50GB storage of file, more than 20 megabytes attachments, plus you can chat all the time for free. What’s more? Enjoy Facebook now with storage security at your grasp, Facebook now has a strong anti-virus detector, plus a working anti-spam tool.

You can do Facebook apk download 2020 if you want the old version or simply lunch the new Facebook version ap. Mind you, Facebook usually send updates notification to user, bit if you don’t’ get it, you can use the steps here to download or upgrade new one.

Features of Facebook

Here are the modified features of Facebook, if you are using the old Facebook app, you will discover that there are new features added. The features below are Most Visible following how regular you use Facebook, so quickly go through the features below to see what you are about to enjoy.

  • Get ready to chat faster and better with the new Facebook apk.
  • Make use of Facebook story to share every of your moment with your contacts (Friends, Family, Acquaintances etc.)
  • New Facebook apk also allows multiple accounts in a single phone
  • Get ready also to enjoy quality video and voice calls with Facebook, the exact way you do with Top Social Media Site (Wechat, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp, Skype etc.)
  • Do you know that the Facebook notifications, pops up immediately you turn on data?
  • Enjoy the best security while you receive or hare your files across friends
  • More so, download music’s, videos, photo from Facebook.
  • The last but not the least feature s that, you can now run Facebook campaign on your page, by yourself after you are done doing Facebook apk download 2020

We are about to show you how to download the new Facebook apk but before we proceed, make sure you create a Facebook account, we’ve said earlier that you cannot be able to use the Facebook apk of you do not have a Facebook account. To create Facebook account now, follow the link below.

See Here: How to do Facebook New Account Registration for Free

Facebook apk Download | Facebook Download New Version Free

If you don’t have a Facebook account, the options below cannot work for you, to be able to enjoy Facebook and all its features, you will have to create an account. Facebook account sign up is free:

This above links are what you just need to start up with your download, but remember that, that is not all. If you have already installed the app into your mobile Phone regardless of the kind (Smartphone) you are using, you will still need the below guides in other to update your Old Facebook App.

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