August 13, 2022
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Facebook Latest Version Apk Download | Download New Facebook Apk

You will learn how to do Facebook latest version download from here; if you are still using the old Facebook app, then you are missing a lot, the new Facebook apk is out already, so you can update Facebook to latest version or download a new one entire.

This has nothing to do with your Facebook account, remember Facebook apk is meant to help you stay logged into your account, with the app, you can be on Facebook 24/7. Also the New Facebook apk gets you notification on everything that happens in your account. Chose the type of notification you would like to receive and turn on to get started.

Right now, if you have a Facebook latest version, you can receive a notification when king, prince, Somy and other of your contacts writes on their stories.

More so you won’t miss out on your favorite story line or pages which you are following. Plus that, get a chance to know what’s up with the latest Facebook apk.

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Features of Facebook Apk

New features on the Facebook apk includes:

  • Facebook has joined the Top Game offering sites, so play games with any of your Facebook friends.
  • share your memories, photos and your favorite videos
  • If your friends are online, connect with them and your family members too
  • Turn on your notification and get beeps when friends like and comment on your post.
  • Track your favorite artist and follow the online
  • Watch free videos on the go
  • More so, set a state updates and equally use any Facebook emoji, sticker of your choice
  • Follow social pages and get connected all time
  • Follow also business group and see top reviews that can help your business
  • Upload and backup your photo by saving them in albums
  • Make purchases or sell locally on Facebook market place

These and more are what you stand to enjoy once you do Facebook latest version download.

Facebook Latest Version Apk Download

Am sure you will like to do Facebook download for PC or mobile phones, this is how to do that:

  • Open your browser and log on to Google playstore or to Microsoft app store, iOS, iTunes or any aps tire that is serving your phone
  • Search for the latest Facebook apk
  • Click or tap on download and install Facebook app
  • Install the app, agree on app’s terms or use.
  • Launch app and sign in o enjoy.

Note: If you have Facebook apk but doesn’t have the latest version, you can simply update app to enjoy new features.

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How to Know Facebook Apk

Here is how to know when Facebook modifies it’ app:

  • You will know that Facebook new version is app when there is a new update.
  • When the app I requesting for an update.
  • When you are not seeing some features which you used to see before.

How to Update Facebook Apk

Trust me when I say that, you don’t need to delete your old apk, when it expires, all you need to is to install new one or simply update the apk to become a new one. Downloading a fresh apk may make you have two apks performing the same functions:

How to Update:

  • Go to your Facebook app
  • Check for update
  • Once seen, tap on update icon to update automatically


  • Go to Google playstore
  • Search for Facebook apk
  • Once you see the app click or tap on update app, not on download.
  • After the update, install and sign in to start using.

That is all, you can hurry now to enjoy latest Facebook apk for free. Apk Is already at every apk store – Facebook apkpure, Facebook Google playstore, Facebook apkmirror etc.

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