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All thanks to these countries that we have full scholarships to study abroad without spending much. Click on your preferred scholarship to start your own scholarship application with the released application form. However, this is a fully-funded scholarship opportunity for foreign students that will love to study in the USA, Netherland, Switzerland, Sweden, China, Australia, Belgium, UK, Canada, e.t.c.

Full scholarships to study abroad are unique and most applied scholarships by international students to study at recognized universities in different countries. Each scholarship scheme is from a different country and requirements vary according to scholarships and countries responsible for undertaking international students. Therefore, explore, study amd discover the scholarship scheme that has your needs met and also covers as much academic cost you wish to be covered.

Full Scholarships to Study Abroad

There are thousands of full scholarships to study abroad. These scholarships has diverse and respective eligibility criteria, application deadline, participating institutions, application form, eligible countries, application season, and rest of them. That’s why it’s totally needful for international students to check all of these characteristics so as to discover how convenient each scholarship is. Are you ready to walk through our list of international full scholarship to study abroad? Let’s take a look:

  • Swedish Institute Scholarship for Foreign Students

All Swedish universities collaborated in creating this scholarship opportunity so that international students will discover a legal path to get into Sweden. Actually, the scholarship concentrated more on Master’s degree certificate. That said, applicants must be candidates intending to participate Master’s level of study in your preferred field of study which must be available in the scholarship and also linked to your undergraduate program.


Moreover, as we have noted that this is a fully-funded scholarship, international students that will take part in this scholarship must be extremely ready to enjoy health insurance, tuition fee, travel fare to and fro Sweden, accommodation, living cost, and so on. Therefore, interested applicants of this very scholarship should write their name and field of study in the comment box below so that we will get them registered.

  • University of Adelaide International Scholarships

University of Adelaide in Australia welcomes graduates and postgraduate aspirants to study in this amazing Australian university so as to start and complete Masters and Ph.D. degree certification in any field of study in the university that is your focus coursework. Provided that you are an international student applying from a non-English speaking country, you must present your English proficiency test so as to prove your competence in that language.

As a matter of fact, that’s the language requirements alongside and recall that this is an international scholarship for foreign students. So, take your national ID along, while applying for this full scholarship to study abroad. Apply here>>> University of Adelaide International Scholarships

  • Swiss Government Scholarship for International Students

Swiss Government collaborated with universities so as to make postgraduate studies available for international students. Application form is out online and international students can easily access it to complete their application to study in one of the listed prominent universities of the Switzerland.

However, have in mind that this scholarship covers all your academic expenses, tuition fee and other added costs that you have to carter as an international student. Click here to apply.

You can now study in UK with a fully funded scholarship scheme set and funded by Gates Cambridge Trust university, UK. Residents of USA will submit their application on 14th October while other citizens can apply between 4th December 2020 – 7th January 2021. Do you want to study in UK? This is the opportunity to study in one of the recognized university in Uk.

Therefore, international students wishing to complete a postgraduate study in their preferred field of study should abide by the rules which states that part time study is ineligible. Only full time applicants can leverage this scholarship benefits.

  • Clarendon Scholarships for International Students

Are you dreaming to be a scholar of Oxford University? This is a newly unlocked opportunity to study in this amazing institution. Do you know that this scholarship is for all applicants from any global country? Regardless of your country, you can apply this Clarendon scholarship as an international student an still gain a consideration. Take part in the Master’s and Doctoral degree that will take place in Oxford university in the next academic session.

How to apply? Meet up with the outline eligibility criteria and application requirements first. After that, commence this program having in mind that all your costs will be funded while you will be certified with respective degree certificate at the end of the program. Application form is out and portal ready to accept applications.

Study in USA after a proper and responsible application of Fullbright foreign student program. This is a postgraduate scheme to study in USA for all eligible postgraduate studies available in the participating universities. However, it might interest you to know that USA government funds this scholarship so that students can leverage full scholarships to study in abroad.

So, ensure that you test your English competence when you indulge in the English proficiency test as you are applying from a non-English speaking country. Take your time to explore and study the process very well, it is very easy to apply.

We will take a break here, but that doesn’t mean that full scholarships to study in abroad are complete in our list. There are hundreds of them and you are qualified to pick from any of them. Therefore, click on any of them to find the application form and then apply for yours.

Study Abroad with these Scholarships:

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