August 13, 2022
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Fully Funded Australian Scholarship for All Countries

Apply fully funded Australian scholarship for all countries if you are ready to proceed with your academic in Australia. The program is available for all nationalities and all levels of study in higher institutions just that candidates are highly recommended to meet up with the language requirements, age requirements, and others.

Foreign students can now move to Australia for undergraduate or postgraduate studies when they apply and get an approved application of this new fully funded Australian scholarship for international students. It is a program created to help students that are finding it difficult to receive training in their fields of profession.

Proceed with this fully funded Australian scholarship for all countries if you are over 18 years old because that is the minimum age required. More to that, Australians are ineligible. You will not be related to Australia in any way. Apply if you are not engaged with an Australian permanent residence or not holding an Australian permanent visa.

Are you eligible? Also know that you must be English proficient and has an interest in coursework not related to Military training, flying aircraft, or nuclear technology. Aside from these mentioned subjects, are eligible to be commenced by students interested in attaining either the first degree or second degree with the help of this scholarship.

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Eligible Subjects

Apart from Military training, flying aircraft, and nuclear technology, other subjects are accessible and recognizable by prominent Australian universities. That said, it will be necessary for you to check participating universities under this scholarship scheme so as to discover the availability of your subject.

Level of Study

Hello! All applicants should note that degrees to attain and be certified by any of the Australian universities accredited for your training are Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees. If you’d apply for Ph.D. and intending to make it with this fully funded Australian scholarship for all countries, it is quite impossible.

Qualification Criteria

Do you know the criteria set to be meet up by all the students intending to make it with this scholarship?

  • First thing first, you will not be in any way related to Australia or married to an Australian citizen.
  • Also, students that previously received long-term Australian awards are ineligible for another application.
  • Only Master’s and Bachelor’s degrees can be applied here.
  • On the other hand, documents related to the application form must be completely available and attached to the application form before any application becomes considered.
  • If you must know, a minimum of 18 years old is eligible to access this scholarship. If you are anything lesser or above 25 years old for undergraduates or above 30 years for postgraduates, do not apply.
  • Only courses recognized under this scholarship are qualified for beneficiaries.
  • It is a fully-funded program, no doubt, but applicants must maintain satisfactory results to retain the fund till their study duration elapse.

It might also interest you to get information on eligible constituencies to be sure that your country is eligible for this fully funded Australian scholarship for all countries.

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List of Qualified Constituencies

Only developing countries will allow their students to proceed with this fully funded Australian scholarship for international students’ application. These students will apply and enjoy any of the eligible degrees at the participating universities. Would you mind clicking here to see list of Australian universities that foreign beneficiaries have the full right to access?

Fully Funded Australian Scholarship for All Countries

Get ready to enjoy all the waivers and allowances deposited in this fully funded Australian scholarship for international students when you visit the Online Australia Scholarship Information System at to register for an online account. Please follow the steps here promptly for positive results.

Answer all the questions evaluated by the page for confirmation of your eligibility. At this point, a username and password will be created for application login. You may not want not to log in now. Sign in to the Australian Award scholarship form later with the login credentials and ensure that you complete and submit an application no later than the due date.

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