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Fully funded Bangladesh scholarship is among the fully granted scholarship offered to Balochistan students to study in Bangladesh. If you are eligible, you will receive academic training in one of the eligible field of studies recognized by this scholarship. These faculties are listed below. Check below to confirm the availability of your course here.

Join the race of 100% scholarship offered to Balochistan students by the a famous and wonderful university in Bangladesh. If you must know, Asian university for women is the institution funding this scholarship. This institution has clearly depicted that only women can access this scholarship. Interestingly, they will provide a fully funded position for all the successful female students of Balochistan.

However, Balochistan is among the four provinces of Pakistan. This information has made it well know that, Pakistanis are the sole eligible candidates of this scholarship. In that case, Pakistan students fully eligible to commence this program are the Balochistan citizens. With this geographical restriction, you can now confirm if you are eligible or not. If you are eligible, startup your application of the fully funded Bangladesh scholarship for Balochistan students but if you ineligible, quit at this moment.

Since you are still with me, let’s apply the one and only fully funded Bangladesh scholarship for women. Ladies are the most urged humans that can apply for this scholarship. So, since you are interested in applying, and we believe that you are a female student, below are the guidelines, conditions, policies and rules that will help you apply for fully funded Bangladesh scholarship without contradictions.

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Scholarship Materials

Meanwhile, this scholarship is a fully funded and it concentrated more on graduating undergraduates. So,as you will start this undergraduate program, below are the materials or documents needed to validate your scholarship. Take note of them, for better application and successful result

  1. Passport photograph which must be a recent passport photograph.
  2. On the other hand, you must be a student that haven’t ever received a Bachelor’s degree since lifetime.
  3. If you must know, your academic records are needed here as well for verification sake.
  4. Your English proficiency won’t be taken for granted.
  5. Your previously attended academic level must portray a satisfactory academic record of exceeded 60% of 100 if you really want to enjoy this scholarship grant.

Then, here are the requirements that applicants intending to enjoy our grant must adhere to. If you have interest for fully funded Bangladesh scholarship for Balochistan students to study in Asian University for women, adhere to the shown instructions below.

Requirements from Applicants

As an applicant that wishes to study abroad, take note of all these prerequisites if you actually need to retain a great future through a professional career.

  1. First of all, you must be a Balochistan student for this scholarship application to become effective.
  2. Only applications submitted online are eligible for consideration.
  3. More to that, you cannot apply if you are a male gender. This is only for females.
  4. In as much as you apply for free, it is demanded that you must apply before the due date.
  5. Applicants must have leadership skills and potentials so that they can handle their environment or community in the nearest future.
  6. Your high school diploma validity shouldn’t be above 3 years ago.

Host Institution

Applicants will study in a prominent and recognized university in Bangladesh. Asian University for women is the special institution for these lucky students.

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Application Method

It is an online application that is applied only at the official application portal. As a matter of fact, before you can apply, you must have enrolled for an undergraduate course in any of these underlisted courses taught in Asian University for Women:

  • Bioinformatics
  • Public Health
  • Economics
  • Environmental Sciences
  • Philosophy
  • Political Sciences

These are the eligible categories specialized in this fully funded Bangladesh scholarship for international students. So, your interested field of study must be in this field, otherwise you quit.

Fully Funded Bangladesh Scholarship

Apply for fully funded Bangladesh scholarship at Asian University for women when you first subscribe for their undergraduate coursework. After that, applicants are required to head onto provided that the admission invite sent by the institution has been received and accepted by the addressed applicant. That’s all.

Hope you can now apply for fully funded scholarship at Asian University for women? If yes, rate this guide using the comment box below. But if no, tell us why you still can’t apply for this scholarship.

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