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Accomplish your dream with a fully funded Clarkson university scholarship application which is only for undergraduates. The most remarkable thing about this scholarship is that the higher your GMAT, the higher the percentage of your funding. But do you know the maximum percentage to receive from the awardees?. Check out other things that you have to do in order to fall under the category of high funding.

There is an available international scholarship for international students to study in USA. This opportunity was carved out by Clarkson University. However, Clarkson University is a recognized private New-York based university that has its bases mostly on researches. As research proved, their admission acceptance tendency is 71% so you are assured of gaining admission into the university with pressure-free.

At this moment, international students are being informed on the newly unlocked opportunity for them to study in New-York through this scholarship. Meanwhile, it might interest you to know that fully funded Clarkson university scholarship is a merit-based scholarship. It is not financial-based scholarship that will fund you based on your financial status. On this occasion, your academic record will award you this scholarship.

In addition to that, the rate of your academic record has a long ay to go as well, because there are stages of fund offered to applicants that were finally selected as beneficiaries. In that case, a tutorial on how to do fully funded Clarkson university scholarship application is shown here already. Just explore, gain the knowledge on how to apply this innovative scholarship for students outside USA.

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Scholarship Benefits

Like we stated earlier, there are stages of scholarship fund which is determined by your academic record. The higher the academic performance, the higher the fund that will be rendered. Above all, 75% of tuition fee waiver is the maximum of scholarship fund to leverage while being a beneficiary of fully funded Clarkson university scholarship for undergraduates.

However, underlisted are level of funds offered to students which is according to the value of their academic performance:

  • Students with 3.9 GPA will enjoy 75% of the funding, which is the maximum.
  • However, 3.7 GPA is entitled to 40% of the scholarship grant.
  • More to that, 3.5 GPA is assured of 25% of the grant mapped out.
  • The lowest is the 3.3 GPA which is the minimum acceptable GPA. 15% is your bargain as a beneficiary with such record.

Host Institution

Gather your experience and enjoy your undergraduate program at Clarkson University New-York, USA.

Eligibility Criteria

There are specific demands from claimants of this scholarship regardless of your country. So, international applicants intending to attain Bachelor’s degree with fully funded Clarkson university scholarship application must possess all these attributes for them to be eligible for the application:

  • Your whole course concentration must be in field of Business.
  • Only undergraduate is the level of study in consideration.
  • However, it is highly demanded of you to maintain within the range of the indicated GPA. So, anything lesser than the indicated range won’t be considered.
  • Moreover, international students from non-English speaking countries will prove their English competence with the English proficiency test.
  • In order words, all the required supporting documents must be submitted alongside the application form. Upload and attach them within the size mandated by the management. You will learn more during your application.

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Available Courses:

  • Business Administration.
  • International Business Management.
  • Business Management.

Supporting Documents in High Demand

  • Transcript of previous academic levels.
  • Your English proficiency test – TOEFL or IELTS.
  • An essay writing that its topic will be shown on the application page.

Fully Funded Clarkson University Scholarship Application 

Since you want to know more of fully funded Clarkson University scholarship application, we will have no other option than to get you signed in to the application portal so that you can make your interest known to us. However, ensure that you met all the requirements positioned for applicants. You will love to study business and other business-related courses, right? Now, click here to apply https://www.clarkson.edu/graduate-admissions/financial-aid-costs-scholarships.

Meanwhile, your admission should be worked on first, before a scholarship application is commenced. Receive an admission into undergraduate coursework which is the Business course offered in Clarkson university.

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