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Fully funded Eiffel excellence programme is an academic product of France universities. Public universities has collaborated with private universities to generate a fully funded grant for international students. However, it might interest you to know that this grant is generally addressed to Ph.D applicants from diverse countries.

All thanks to France that has unlocked opportunity for international students that wants to further their program but due to insufficient fund, they deviated from furthering their program. If you found yourself in this category, it’s time to break the yoke. Apply for fully funded Eiffel excellence programme to study in France for free. Provided that your field of study aligned with the indicated field, you can freely apply according to the addressed procedure. As a matter of fact, it might interest you to know that only Engineers can proceed with this application.

However, all the English taught programmes demands an English proficiency test to confirm your English competence. If you are an international student intending to attain either the Masters or Ph.D, there are accredited age requirements fro applicants. That said, Master’s applicant will not be older than 30 years while Doctoral applicants must not be older than 35 years. Moreover, there are additional subjects that will also be accessed by Master’s applicant  and they include;

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Available Subjects

  • Engineering
  • Law
  • Economics and Management.

So, when your study concentration fall in either of the subjects listed, you are eligible to apply. Moreover, if you have applied before and got rejected, you are not qualified to apply again because the application is done once in a lifetime.

Eligible Candidates

Hello! Before we proceed with the application, there are requirements and attributes that international students must possess and also provide. Are you interested? If you are, take note of these;

  • You must be an international student. No France citizen can apply. Even if you have dual citizenship and France is one of the both, you are ineligible and hence, can’t access the scholarship portal.
  • More to that, it might interest you to know that this is a scholarship scheme that is available Masters or Doctoral applicants.
  • However, eligible candidates are students that has interest for the courses listed as available subjects.
  • Prior to that, there are diverse field of study that you can apply for.
  • Before we can apply, Master’s applicant must be older than 30 years of age.
  • Furthermore, Doctoral applicants must be older than 35 years of age.
  • If you have applied before and got rejected, you are not eligible to apply once again.

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Application deadline is 8th January of next year because it is an annual process. Each year you intend to apply, ensure that you apply before the due date because an application later than the deadline will not be accepted.

How to Apply Fully Funded Eiffel Excellence Programme

Do you want to apply fully funded Eiffel excellence programme? Since you are ready to apply for this scholarship, visit – https://www.campusfrance.org/system/files/medias/documents/2019-10/vademecum_eiffel_2020_EN.pdf. The guide will help you to read additional information and then apply at the moment. The application portal will enable you to find the application form so as to apply responsible. Moreover, here are the eligible documents that you must submit alongside the application form.

  • CV
  • Passport photograph
  • Reference Letter
  • Application form completely filled will be submitted alongside other documents.
  • Academic transcript of the previously attended academic level.

Ensure that you heed to the terms and conditions so as to apply responsibly. How was this information? Use the comment box below to say your mind.

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