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Recognize the application protocols for a fully-funded international scholarship in Mexico – Mexican government has released a new notice for international students anywhere around the world. You are invited to Mexico city for academic research and social programs depending on your choice of study. This is a new great privilege to study abroad.

Mexico is a great city with great impact. Regardless of your nationality, you are encouraged to come and honor an invite to study in their country for free with other responsibilities handled by them wholeheartedly. Before you gain the chance to win the award, you must first and foremost, have all it takes to apply for the scholarship. Check your eligibility status after reviewing the eligibility criteria so that you can obtain the temerity to hit the apply button.

Is that so? This is so convenient. Other things to enjoy as a benefit is the ability to seek medical services without paying any dime for it. In addition to that, your accommodation is also a prioritized responsibility that will be sorted before you arrive to this great city. During the leveraging moment of this fully funded international scholarship in Mexico, your transport fare tro and fro of the city to your institution is another fund handled by Mexican government.

Therefore, study the application method, know the requirements from you as an applicant, have a clear vision of the scholarship recognized social and academic programs. Universities involved in rendering the academic qualifications will let you know all the available subjects that are accessible with this scholarship. Discover your institution and enjoy your study program freely in Mexico.

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Study Level

Aside from the social level program promoted by Mexican government for all the students to access, other academic levels are also available. Students will be engaged with other study levels; undergraduates, postgraduates and postdoctoral. The level of study which you are most concentrated on, is what determines the scholarship requirements addressed to you as the criteria varies.

Scholarship Requirements from Students

There are already specified criteria demanded from every student and it is expected that students must meet up with the individual criteria which depends on your academic cycle or level of study

  • As at the time you are applying or intending to approach the application portal, ensure that you are not a permanent resident of Mexico. That said, Mexicans are not allowed to apply for this fully funded international scholarship in Mexico.
  • However, Mexican governments are the sole sponsors of the scholarship so it is demanded that international students that will be selected as beneficiaries must stay as full-time students until their duration elapse.
  • Your grade point is also a significant criteria that will boost the possibility of being selected as next beneficiary of this scholarship.
  • On a scale of 1 – 100, ensure that your grade point is not below 80%. It is expected for you to go above that.

Selection Criteria

  •  It is a merit-based scholarship so students are selected based on their academic excellence. Your academic record will speak for you. Note that!

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Eligible Constituencies

Different regions are duly identified and outlined as eligible regions. Check the regions below to identify the one your country fell on:

  • Pacific
  • All African countries.
  • The Latinos – That is, the Latin America.
  • North America
  • Carribbean
  • Middle East
  • Asia

These regions are lucky regions to celebrate this scholarship award with us. In these regions are different countries which your country is among one of them. So, you are a global citizen making you eligible for this scholarship as every nation is eligible to access this academic opportunity.

Fully Funded International Scholarship in Mexico

Download fully funded international scholarship in Mexico for all types of study when you log onto the online website at – http://www.gob.mx/cms/uploads/attachment/file/471662/Call_2020_-_Application_Form.pdf. At this point, you are free to review the application form, go through the application requirements and then submit it at https://sigca.sre.gob.mx.

Application Instructions

Hopefully, there are no strict instructions behind the scholarship application. So, if you intend to apply now, at this moment, all you have to do is to locate the scholarship application form, download the application form and then submit the application paper according to the instructions. You can even explore and study the scholarship application’s terms and conditions before attempting the application.

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