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You are extremely and totally free to advance in and leadership discipline with our fully funded scholarship funded by IUBH University of Applied Sciences. We have no time and we so much recognize “First come First serve”. The first 100 people will be automatically awarded the scholarship and due to that, our International candidates should apply with our Fully Funded IUBH Scholarship Application Form.

Students has absolutely nothing to worry about when the Fully Funded IUBH University of Applied Sciences Scholarship backs you up. Its an international scholarship for International undergraduates and Graduates to finish or startup their Undergraduate and Postgraduate studies in Germany. Therefore, be ready to be certified with an MBA, Bachelor’s, and Masters of other subjects.

In as much as you are given that liberty to explore any of the field of studies recognized in the institution, it will never obstruct you from meeting up with the eligibility requirements first, before forwarding your application. It might also interest you to know that Germany is your place of study and IUBH will undertake all the winning candidates. Prior to that, an application will be concluded with Fully Funded IUBH Scholarship Application Form.

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Application Instructions

It was stated clearly that only International students can attempt this scholarship. Each of the candidates must be either an undergraduate applicant or postgraduate applicant heading over to a Masters qualification. Being among the first 100 that applied isn’t the selection factor but also being able to make deposits within the first 2 weeks after the scholarship offer.

Meanwhile, there are more than enough facilities and facilitators to advance your learning experiences in Germany and specially in our Institution, IUBH. So, beneficiaries are required to maintain a perfect academic scores until their training duration has finally completed.

Who Can Apply?

  1. A student with high ambitions because only an ambitious mind will keep up to rules
  2. We also quest for high visioning International Undergraduates and Graduates
  3. International Students Only
  4. A student that its specialized field of study fell among the recognized study fields in the University
  5. Only two academic cycles are in recognition with Fully Funded IUBH Scholarship. Students are free to certify themselves with Bachelor’s or Master’s Certificate when they finally undertake any of our programs.
  6. In other words, a candidate is equally qualified to apply is any student with complete supplementary documents from the institution
  7. Either male or female, no restrictions are structured for the genders
  8. Application is meant to be done and submitted online. But its affirmed as a complete application when all the documents are complete.

Field of Studies

Just like all Nationalities are permitted to proceed with our scholarship application, all field of study are accessible with the scholarship. You must meet up with the requirements first, after which you will take up the responsibility of applying to the University for an enrollment in to your specialized level of studies. When an offer is finally is given and claimed by the individual, you can now go on with the scholarship application.

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Due Date

This is a renewable scholarship with a renewable grant of up to 2,500 euros. It comes up annually and students apply with time. The exact season you decide to apply determines the academic session you wish to be admitted into. Our application is currently open, it accepts scholarship applications from Interested International Applicants. So, our portal awaits your report because the first 100 applicants will have nothing to worry about.

Fully Funded IUBH Scholarship Application Form

  • Now that you have finally decided to apply for our Fully Funded IUBH Scholarship in Germany, visit https://www.iubh-international.com/lp/start-your-studies-online-1/
  • Click on the Apply Now
  • Enter your name, email address, mobile number, country, study program, location etc
  • Agree to the terms by clicking on the box below
  • Click on the Yellow button below to move to next page
  • Keep obliging to the on-screen rules until you get all the processes completed.

I hope you’ve seen all it takes for you to strongly become one of our International beneficiaries. This system elaborations will assist you whenever you decide to apply for yours. But remember, punctuality is the key.


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