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Fully funded Korean government scholarship apply is a powerful technique recognized by high ambitious students that want to study away from home. You can still make that your dream come true after applying the new fully funded Korean government scholarship for all African, European, Pacific Asia, and rest of them.

Do you dream of staying in Korea or do you think that Korea is a beautiful place to obtain and save quality academic experience in? Korean government has unlocked the opportunity for international students intending to further their academics in any of the listed eligible affiliate universities. These higher institutions are participating institutions collaborating with Korean government to establish a safer, great and quality academic teaching to all the beneficiaries.

Therefore, this page has the quick guide on how to do fully funded Korean government scholarship apply. You are free to apply if your aspiration is pointing at the first level of university level. That is, if you are aspiring for an undergraduate study, you can choose any of the shown undergraduate courses recognizable in the university. More to that, ensure that you met with the academic requirements. In fact, the requirements will appear soon so that you will have closer look at all of them.

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Place of Study

This is always the first question for international students. “Where will i study after applying the fully funded Korean government scholarship?”. The answer is not far from your question. Your undergraduate studies will surely happen in Korea. Recognized universities that has gained quality reputation will undertake all our beneficiaries so that they can undertake their preferred training in their preferred field of studies.

Qualified Subjects

When it comes to the subjects in recognition as qualified, all the undergraduate courses recognized in Korean universities collaborating with the  scholarship scheme to ensure smooth flow of international students’ studies has shown all the subjects accessible and subject to this program. When you check the link below, it will help you to discover all the subjects that you can take as an undergraduate and then, you will take that opportunity to confirm availability of your life dream course.

Scholarship Deadline

The scholarship deadline each year but we are always ready to assist you. This page will inform international applicants the deadline of this scholarship so subscribe to our newsletter by clicking on the “Subscribe” button shown below. Above all, see the requirements from international students on the section situated below so that you can easily do the fully funded Korean government scholarship apply.

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Requirements from International Students

  • Your academic strength is the first attribute that every student must show high level of compliance. At first, you will agree to maintain at least 80% mark out of 100% in every academic test taken during the program.
  • More to that, get the scholarship documents ready so that you will attach them to the application form before submission.
  • Above all, late applications are highly prohibited.
  • If you must know, international students must demonstrate their National ID during application. It is among the scholarship documents that you must scan and upload according to requirements.
  • Moreover, application is taken from you as an individual. Don’t apply as a group and don’t apply more than once.
  • Do you know that you must provide your academic transcripts during the scholarship application? Other additional documents to present during application will be illustrated later on.

Fully Funded Korean Government Scholarship Apply

Since all the subjects will be taken in English and also available to be accessed, you might have the interest to apply for the fellowship program. Moreover, this scholarship covers:

  • Your tuition fee.
  • Accommodation waiver.
  • Monthly Allowance.
  • Free health care services and rest of them.

In conclusion, international students that has gone through the requirements and confirmed their eligibility, they should visit www.studyinkorea.go.kr/en/sub/gks/allnew_excellentMercy.do to apply for the scholarship.

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