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The universal job market is evolving rapidly but with a fully funded Lincoln University scholarship, you will secure a bright future by just advancing your studies with this Master’s program taught in the higher institution. This is the time to invest your time and sweat in your future, to reap the best year after.

Lincoln university administers a fully funded Lincoln university scholarship to international students intending to attain a Master’s certification abroad. This scholarship will not only render fully funded Lincoln university scholarship to diverse students but also give them accommodation in the heart of the institution. New Zealand university, Lincoln university precisely is the sole supporter behind all research experiences and knowledge passed onto students which are definitely beneficiaries of the scholarship.

Peradventure, you’ve tried other scholarship application but their terms and conditions after being selected are not convenient enough for you as a student. You don’t have to worry because another opportunity is here and all students that have its prerequisites met, will enjoy fully funded Lincoln university scholarship which is addressed to international students that dream of studying in New Zealand. Now, you will not only study abroad but study it for free.

Meanwhile, entrants are brought to the notice of ensuring the completion of the previous degree programs before applying for a fully funded Lincoln university scholarship. Your Bachelor’s degree certificate is the least evidence of being an eligible student for this scholarship and if you must know, only international students are qualified for receiving the status of a beneficiary. Therefore, secure your dream job with an A1 training transferred to students by university-employed professors.

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Available Subjects

There are just 9 subjects which are accessible with this fully funded Lincoln university scholarship and only these outlined subjects are qualified to be focused subjects of each and every of the students. Intenders are fully assured of being one of our candidates if your preferences go to either of these faculties listed below:

    • Agricultural Sciences
    • Pest Management
    • Accounting
    • Agribusiness
    • Finance
    • Rural Development
    • Sports
    • Food Sciences
    • Tourism.

Eligible Students 

Do you know if you are eligible? Our eligible checker will help you know how eligible you are. In that case, Master’s applicants of this fully funded Lincoln university scholarship should take note of all these criteria for selecting a student which is already displayed below for your own acquaintance:

  1. It is mostly and only demanded that any applicant intending to fully become a beneficiary of our scholarship scheme must be a citizen of another country and lives outside New Zealand. That said that only international students are genuinely and fervently welcomed annually.
  2. Ensure that since your lifetime you haven’t ever received a Master’s degree of any kind.
  3. Moreover, every of your enrollment request must be only in our eligible postgraduate subjects.
  4. In other words, multiple application is not acceptable and the scholarship management is not liable for any scholarship submitted after the due date.
  5. No application will be accepted after or on the deadline. So, you must apply on time.
  6. Also, students with an interest to study as a full-time student are also the type of ambition needed here.

Participating University

Fully funded Lincoln university scholarship ensures that their beneficiaries undergo their research program at their institution, the Lincoln University in New Zealand.

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Geographical Eligibility

All the nationalities aside from New Zealand and Switzerland, are so eligible. That said, domestic students are apparently non-qualified to forward with applying for this fully funded Lincoln university scholarship.

Academic Cycle

We focus only on the 2nd cycle of academics which is the Master’s level of study. So, get ready to be certified with a Master’s degree certificate.

Fully Funded Lincoln University Scholarship

It is demanded that students will subscribe for a postgraduate degree course program in the university first before an application is promised. When enrollment is incurred, you will be able to attain your scholarship and receive grants just as informed by the grantees. So, apply to the university first of all, at – https://www.lincoln.ac.nz/International-Students/ so that you will be able to receive NZ$10,000 annually until your duration is elapsed.

Are you ready to enjoy a free study? Then, do not hesitate to apply and ask questions where necessary, using the comment box below.


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