Fully Funded MAPS Scholarship with Free Visa

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Have you applied for a fully funded MAPS scholarship with free visa? You are really missing out if you haven’t tried to apply for this scholarship. It is one of the best and always the top rated when it comes to scholarship programs that accepts all categories of academic cycles.

MAPS fellowship ensures that get an enrollment offer in any of Uzbekistan’s universities. Regardless of your academic, family, and financial background, this award is solely accessible. Moreover, it has different amounts of seats for students that are self funding, partial funding, and ones that would love the scholarship to fully fund them.

Therefore, without your IELTS and the color of your skin, this fully funded MAPS scholarship with free visa is for you. Enjoy the fully free awards that are offered as benefits to all the beneficiaries. In addition to that, both undergraduates and postgraduates are free to proceed with the application. See the application form here if you are eligible.

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Who is Eligible?

Do you know that this scholarship scheme is mainly for foreign students. Not just any foreign student but you must be intelligent, talented with lots of skills, and also ambitious before you can apply.

More to that;

  • It must be an award for undergraduates that have completed their high school diploma.
  • Postgraduates must portray their degree certificate in other levels.
  • You must still have your academic transcripts in possession.
  • Hope you know that the only course to apply in your postgraduate level must be the one taken in your previous degree program.
  • In addition to that, you ought to apply before the due date which is May 28, 2021.
  • Also, applicants must be ready to go to Uzbekistan for the program once they are enlisted.

Are you ready? Do you wanna study abroad? Then apply fully funded MAPS scholarship with free visa using the guide mentioned here.

Host Institution

University of Uzbekistan will undertake you and fix you in the course program you requested for. It must be same course offered in other programs while undergraduates are given the opportunity to make their choice of courses.

Level of Study

Fully funded MAPS scholarship with free visa is for students in their right state of mind. You are free to undertake any level of study at any prestigious Uzbekistan university that you are admitted. Ensure that you are aged between 15 and 35. If you are lesser than the less limit or higher than the maximum limit, you are ineligible.

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Benefits of MAPS Fellowship Program

Fully Funded: 10 seats are offered to candidates that would love to apply for the fully funded. These are the students that will enjoy free accommodation, tuition fee waiver, health insurance, and the rest.

Self-funded: The self-funded category ensures that international students move into Uzbekistan with legal students visa but during their studies, these individuals will fund their costs completely without any help or supplement from MAPS award.

Partial Funding: With this scholarship, few of your costs will be covered by the institution while larger percent of the rest is for you. 20 seats are always set annually for this category while 70 seats are for self-funded.

Fully Funded MAPS Scholarship with Free Visa

Students that are aspiring for these benefits must apply for the scholarship before May 28, 2021. Shortlisted candidates will be called for interview on June, 2021. The exact date will be communicated individually to the lucky candidates later via the email address or contact information they provided.

More so, list of winners will arrive on June 10, 2021. That is when you will know how capable and fit you are for this amazing award that pays off for a lifetime.

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