Fully Funded Sinabela Scholarship with Free Visa

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Do you know that Sinabela scholarship is a fully funded Sinabela scholarship with free visa? International students that turns to claimants of this scholarship must agree to take a computer based test that will help us to pick eligible applicants that will study in any of the listed eligible institutions.

However, it might interest you to know that there are diverse European higher institutions that participated with the scholarship awardees in order to establish comfortable, quality and convenient academic experience for all the beneficiaries. Moreover, the computer based test will help to prepare applicants and reveal to the awardees how intellectually inclined that you are.

So, you must apply to win this financial support by Sinabela. Once you are selected, you will enjoy free visa, accommodation, Bachelor’s or Master’s study in any favorable international university provided that it is an eligible university. Meanwhile, if you don’t want to take examination like other applicants, you will go for the part-time study but part-time students are not subject to full fund.

That said, part time students will not enjoy the free student visa and that’s not why you are here. You actually approached this page to apply fully funded Sinabela scholarship with free visa. In that case, reveal your talent during this test so that we will help you unleash your potentials through this scholarship service. Pay for your application according to the choice you have made. Students aspiring for free free visa will pay less amount yet they will enjoy all the benefits.

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How to Pay for Sinabela Scholarship Application

The Sinabela scholarship application fee varies. If you want to apply for fully funded Sinabela scholarship with free visa, you must take the computer based examination test and also apply as a full time student but if you wish to skip the computer based examination test, you will pay higher, and as a part time student.

However, this is a quick illustration of the Sinabela scholarship application payments. This overview will help you to decide what you actually want and how you actually want to make the payment. That you will enjoy a fully funded Sinabela scholarship with free visa is dependent on the payment you made as well. If you need the address, use the comment box below to make it known to us.

  • For full time students, they will pay – NGN36,300. This is your category because you want the free visa. Students in this category will undergo the CBT so as to be selected. Lastly, they are beneficiaries eligible for all the benefits that are available in the scholarship scheme.
  • More to that, part time students will pay – NGN46,800. You can pay for such amount if you don’t want to take the test, but store this information – “You will not receive all the grants and benefits that come with this scholarship”.

We believe that you now have full idea of the payment overview. The amount you pay determines the level of benefits to enjoy as a student.

List of Available Universities

Higher institutions that are eligible for this scholarship has been listed and it might interest you to know all of them. The universities that will undertake beneficiaries of this scholarship are all European universities and some other international universities that are currently partnering with the scholarship service. With your free visa, you will move to your chosen institution directly.

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Eligible Countries

  • Africans.
  • Europeans.
  • Asians.
  • and other international students.

Scholarship Awards

It is a fully funded, so all your academic costs including individual maintenance will be provided by the Sinabela as a support fund for the students. The financial support includes funding your accommodation, free student visa, health insurance, monthly allowance, tuition waiver and other related funds throughout your study duration. You will meet various international students during the program.

Fully Funded Sinabela Scholarship with Free Visa

We are not denying that we are sole givers of fully funded Sinabela scholarship with free visa. The only role we want you to play is to apply accordingly. Application validation is reliant on the scholarship payment. The payment must be confirmed before application will kick start. Launch your web browser to visit www.fullscholarshipoverseas.co.uk/payment-confirmation so as to follow the on-screen guide for confirming your payment.

When the you show your payment to the website, online platform for applying fully funded Sinabela scholarship with free visa will be disclosed in your email address. So, check your email after payment confirmation.

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