August 10, 2022
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Germany Visa Application Form | Requirements, Application & Guidelines

Am glad you want to do Germany visa application; you will now have to find out how to apply for visa to Germany so that you will know what to do. Meanwhile, there is no electronic visa application for Schengen visa, except if you have had your fingerprint captured in the last five years.

Travelling to Germany however, requires a visa, and getting a visa is easy and cheap. If you are coming from any African country, you must have to apply for your visa at the Consulate general office. Right there you will be given other forms that will house your details.

You will need to present upon Germany visa application your bank statement of account, also if you are being invited by anyone, then the person will have to cover for you at the case needed

Apply for a Germany travel visa, Germany Visitors visit visa, tourist visa depending on the purpose of your travel.

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Germany Visa Application Requirements

Am sure you will like to know what it takes to apply for a visa successfully, so here are the basic thing you will need to have

  • You must download and fill the Germany visa application form
  • Bank statement of account of the applicant or the sponsor.
  • Health certificate from your government hospital.
  • 2 passport size photograph.
  • Birth certificate
  • Valid means of identification

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Germany Visa Application Form

If you are ready to apply for Germany visa, then you can visit any of the Germany embassy in your country and collect the Germany visa application form from the general consulate, then after, you can fill up and pay all the fees involved.

Germany Visa Application Online

Once your application is done and dusted, the next thing that will be needed from you is your biometric data. Your biometric, which includes your fingerprint and others will be collected

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