Harvard University Scholarship Program for Postgraduates

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Harvard university scholarship program for postgraduates is an October scheduled program for international students to further their studies in the specified fields of study. The scholars program will take place at Harvard University and all the aspirants that won their way to the beneficiary list will study at Harvard.

Have you been having that dream of studying abroad? This can be a dream come true if you adhere to all the instructions we share with you on this page. Only for postgraduates that are ready to further their skills and become more professional in them. Meanwhile, it is a 2 years in-residence program that will take place at the university. Due to that, students that have passion for;

  • Law.
  • Social sciences.
  • International and Area Studies.

Will be appointed for the scholars program at Harvard University, US. Are you ready to make substantial financial and research assistance to undertake facilitated projects of research? Get ready to apply Harvard university scholarship program for postgraduates.

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Scholarship Deadline

You are given the grace to apply to the program from this time to 1st October 2021. As a rule, you are not allowed to complete the scholars’ program and provide all prompted documents any time later than the due date. You should always have that in mind.

Qualification Criteria

As the scholarship demands, the below mentioned are all you must be or already into before you become eligible for consideration.

  • You must have proof of all the completed degree certificates.
  • Also, you should and must be proficient with your English.
  • It is expected that applicants must be upcoming postdoctoral aspirants. That said, you are all ready to start your postdoctoral fellowship.
  • Additionally, proceed with this plan if one of the mentioned courses is your dream course and also what you took in order degrees.
  • Ensure that you are ready to start a program at Harvard university once you are called for it.
  • However, all the required supplementary documents should be ready by the time of application.
  • Applicants most especially are encouraged to apply no later than the deadline if they really want to find their way into this offer.

These are the requirements from all the applicants intending to foster their postdoctoral program with the Harvard university scholarship program for postgraduates.

Supplementary Documents

Allow us to show you all the materials that are expected from our international candidates that are proceeding with their postdoctoral program in the approved subjects.

  1. A resume that is including your list of publications.
  2. On the other hand, a Cover letter which has properly stated your coursework, your home country, and proposed research topic.
  3. A 2500 work maximum of a research proposal that includes the intellectual objects and disciplinary work of the proposal.
  4. Evidence of your Ph.D. program will be needed. That is why a copy of your Ph.D. transcript will be submitted.
  5. Letters of recommendation of maximum 3.

Meanwhile, the Harvard scholarship program for postgraduates welcomes only candidates that recently completed their Ph.D. program in Social sciences or low and recent Ph.D. recipients that have completed their routine training and are good to go with writing their thesis.

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Harvard University Scholarship Program for Postgraduates

Since you have succeeded in getting all the documents, scan them electronically and attach them to the application form but that should be after creating the account for accessing the Academy Scholars application form online.

Open your web browser to visit https://academy.wcfia.harvard.edu/programs/academy_scholar. On the application portal, locate and click on the Apply button. Click on the next button that has told you to “Apply Now“. After that, you should create an account so as to login and start your application.

We are happy that you read to this extent. Use the comment box below to ask questions.

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