Heidelberg University Scholarship for International Students

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Apply Heidelberg university scholarship for international students to study in US with a 78% scholarship. It has portrayed that your school funds will be fairly catered for, while you enjoy your program in a stress-free environment. Isn’t this what you have been budgeting for? Grab it now, it’s already on your doorstep.

Students that has interest in starting up an undergraduate program are highly urged to apply Heidelberg university scholarship for international students. Only international students can access this partial funding scholarship. You will even be taken-in, nurtured and unveiled along your talents. However, students are not selected based on intellectual skills because it’s not a merit-based grant. This is a need-based grant and this made it a pressure-free scholarship.

Are you interested in applying for Heidelberg university scholarship for international students? It’s very simple to apply for. With your compliance to the guides shown, you will get the scholarship for your undergraduate pursuit. Interestingly, it is an all subject taught program making it possible for you to access any undergraduate course among their available courses. Which of the subjects is related to your dream profession?

Is it economics, mathematics, medicine, law, pharmacy? Which of them? Access it non-stop with Heidelberg university scholarship for international students. As a matter of fact, your English proficiency will be needed. As a student that aims at being certified with Bachelor’s certificate in a preferred field of study, you must have passed through secondary school stage or high school program before looking out for a higher institution.

So, ensure that your academic record as regards high school training is set and ready for this scholarship grant to be accessible by you. In that case, interested candidates with determined minds, students with high vision should grab free acquaintance in their respective fields with Heidelberg university scholarship application for international students. Now, let’s download the application form at the application page. Hope you are ready?

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Who Can Apply?

Do you know who can apply for Heidelberg university scholarship for international students? Not just any student will apply for this opportunity. You must be a high school finalist with satisfactory academic records and will still love to maintain those high-achieving records. With these criteria alone, you can access this opportunity.

More to that, you must be a student that loves English, can speak English, can write and understand the language. US official language is no other language other than English. As it’s an Anglophone, your compliance to some of their cultures, especially that language, will be needed.

Host Institution

All the international candidates that were finally selected will enjoy their undergraduate experience at Heidelberg University in US. However, international students are required to have a verifiable Student Visa. If you entered the city without a proper student Visa, you will be evicted, even in the middle of the program. It will also attract you legal punishment. So, beware of that.

Study Duration

4 years or more, depending on your course. Meanwhile, scholarship grantees made an agreement to fund only for 4 years. It’s only when you heed to the Heidelberg university scholarship application for international students will you be able to enjoy 4 years funding throughout your scholarship durationt.

Benefits of this Scholarship

Do you know the benefits that come with adhering to the procedures positioned for this Heidelberg university scholarship application for international students?:

  • Find yourself among new people from diverse environment, town and country.
  • It will help you gather experiences and be versed.
  • Learn languages and cultures.
  • Exploration is also part of learning. Feel another atmosphere and another mode of education from different sector altogether.
  • Receive $10,000 annually for your tuition fees and other petty costs. At least, it as handled 75% of your bills. Others are your responsibility.

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Requirements from Students

Your interested course must be among recognized courses of this scholarship. On the other hand, your English proficiency is needed. If you must know, international students must present their National ID, being an evidence of being a foreigner. In addition to that, only undergraduate program is in recognition. So, that must be your next level of study and the degree you wish to be certified with.

Heidelberg University Scholarship for International Students

Apply Heidelberg university for international students when you first apply for an admission in any undergraduate course which you are already interested in. Apply to the university or just click on this link >> https://app.applyyourself.com/AYApplicantLogin to fill the admission form and heed to other instructions.

Afterwards, visit the Financial aid website – https://fsaid.ed.gov/npas/index.htm to fill-in data for your application. That’s all.

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