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The very first thing I trust you will do after creating a Facebook story is to add lyrics to it, this might appear to be difficult in the eyes of some people  but adding a music to facebook story is rather the easiest Just as you upload a  picture in your profile box, uploading a lyrics is as easy as that too.

I have said it times without number that Facebook is the highest social media app anyone can get. It is not just the highest because it has come of age but because it offers users many amazing features that any other app cannot. Come to think of it, do you know that Facebook allows users to market their goods and equally promote their pages? More to that is the fact that it now serves as a means of livelihood to so many people So, i won’t blame anyone who spends much time on the app.

Back to base; if yu are wondering how to add lyrics to Facebook story then you are welcomed to read carefully the guides to doing that here. But mind you, this only works inside the Facebook platform, so if you don’t have a Facebook account then no need for you to stress it.

How to Add Lyrics to Facebook Story

I will have to be very brief with this, so that you can go and practice it right away so I will take the lead while you follow along:

  • Go to
  • Move to the upper right hand side of yur screen to click on login.
  • Enter your facebook account username and then your password.
  • If your login is entered well, then your account will be opened for you if not, follow our guide on how to login Facebook without password to recover your login details.

Read here: How to Login Facebook without Password or Username

  • Let’s continue, so you are now live on your account, so move to the upper side of your dashboard and then click on “create story”
  • The number next is for you to grant Facebook permission to access your media,this information is what you will see next if you have never uploaded any item using your mobile phone. However,once you grant it access, then you can proceed to upload maybe a short video, photos or even an emoji.
  • After you are done unloading an item, you will be allowed to edit the video. The vide edition permits you to crop the video, improve the color, add facebook lyrics to Facebook story etc.
  • Click on the button to add lyric and then you will see a list of music to add to your videos.
  • Choose one and then it wil be automatically added for you.
  • Go on to finish up the video editing and then publish.

How to Download Facebook Lyrics

A lot of peoe have been on the search for how to download music on Facebook? How to download Facebook lyrics and the rest but the truth is, Facebook lyrics is just a short music which is fashioned to server the time allocated for facebook story, so this means that it is likely not a complete music, so there won’t be need downloading, however, you can just play the intro and then bookmark the name to search for it outside Facebook.

Moreover there are so many places to download or stream music on a cheap free price. Places like Boomplay,Waptrick, Zonkewap and the rest.

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