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Click here to apply for your child or children’s passport and get it as soon as possible. Any of your child below 18 years is qualified to use this method of application for their U.S legal passport. Apprehend the shown guide on how to apply for a child’s passport.

How to apply for a child’s passport has never been the case rather the application requirements is the first priority. Every US citizen is qualified to apply and as well get a passport for their travels and official identification. It is one of the ID that proves you are a US citizen. Meanwhile, adults and children carries out same procedure for the application but the added perk on children is that proof for their guardian/parent’s consent must be submitted so that the application will be processed. Children under 16 years of age must come along with their parents to US passport facilitators before their application will gain consideration.

However, it becomes more clear to the facilitators when parents figure apply and equally pay for their children’s passport themselves. In other words, any child between 17 – 18 can apply in person but he/she must provide parent’s/guardian’s awareness proof. In conclusion, it is better for parents to come alongside their children during all these process just to show their concern. Now, there were specified requirements from the applicants during this application. Though it’s an online application but it is never submitted online. You are to get the application form directly from the official site (optional) to fill and submit manually.

Alternatively; go to any US acceptance facility to obtain the application form DS – 11. Fill the form, submit it with the documents required for the application. Hence, await for the passport within 7 – 10 days. Therefore, before we ride you through how to apply for a child’s passport, study the documents and eligibility criteria for the application.

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Documents Required for Child’s Passport Application

  • Proof of Child’s US citizenship
  • Completed and printed DS – 11 application form
  • Original Birth Certificate of the child
  • Proof of being the Child’s parent?s. Either adoption decree or the Birth Certificate
  • Parent’s US ID
  • Front and back photocopies of the Child’s Citizenship ID and parents photo ID

Eligibility Criteria

  • The child must be under 18 years
  • Applicant is qualified with US citizenship evidence
  • All document must be valid as at when submitted
  • Documents demanded must be submitted with the application form
  • The only application form for child’s passport is the DS – 11. Any other application form will not be accepted
  • You either download the application form online, fill it and submit it in any nearest US acceptance facility or you just move straight to the facility block to gt one and submit
  • Application form will never be signed neither by parents nor Child
  • Child applicant must come with the parents during application
  • The both parents must approve the passport application before the application processing commences.

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How to Apply for a Child’s Passport

Go to to check out the closest US facility centre to your location or home. You and your child should move to the facility and get an application form. But beforehand, get the application documents as instructed ( remember photocopies of back and front of child’s us citizenship Id and your own ID). Pick every bit of the required documents with you. Application fee will be communicated to you.

The application fee is non-refundable. Nevertheless, you are not allowed to sign on the application form. Any signed application form will be confiscated and at same time evicted, so be extremely careful. However, this present passport is just for the Minor. That is to say only citizens below the age 18 can make use of it. After the age, it becomes non-validated which means the child has to apply another after 18 years.

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