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Once you remember debit card, another thing bumps into your mind “zero transaction fee”. I wont blame you because no one wants to spend unnecessarily. To that effect, zenith bank considered your interest by creating a wonderful debit card with low application fee. Get yours now by engaging in how to apply for Zenith bank card.

You can apply for Zenith bank card for as low as #1000 either online or at the bank. This debit card goes a long way in bringing your account to you once you are in any ATM. That is to say, you can move money to another bank account or shopping account using Zenith ATM or another banks’. What matters is that your card is handy. It is a no annual fee card that perfects your transaction and makes your transaction cool and free at same time. Just estimate your shop budget properly and pay without cash at hand once your Zenith card is present.

Not only that! You mustn’t go inside Zenith bank to make withdrawal again. Withdraw any amount as low as 1000 and as huge as 40,000 per day with your active debit zenith card. The most sweetest is that you can now pay your friend anytime including on Sundays and other bank non-working days. All of these are begun from knowing how to apply for zenith card. Dive to their official website and place your order for the card in which #1000 will be debited as card application fee. You can as well open zenith bank account and equally apply the card same day. Select from Verve, Visa or Masterard after card feature examination.

Without much ado, its exceptional for one to enjoy eazy banking without card unless you have the online banking account but still you can’t withdraw with the account or pay online with it. In order to resist bank queue and other bank frustrations, gently apply for Zenith bank card and have it handy. Its very portable and reliable. Trust me!

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Best Time to Apply for the Card

Is there any best time for applying a card? No. There is no special or exclusive time to apply for zenith bank card. You can apply it now, tomorrow or later. If you never had zenith bank account and wish for the card also, this is what you’ll do. Go to any Zenith bank branch. Indicate your interest of opening a zenith bank account plus card application. An application form will be given to you, fill the form and then tick the card you wish to have. You have already killed two birds with one stone.

Or apply for the account online ( not the Zero balance Account). If you open the zero balance account, there will be no available cash for card application payment. Therefore, open a credited bank account online and lastly go for the debit card.

Other Card Fees

  • Monthly Fees
  • Zero annual fee
  • Transaction fees: Depends on the recipient bank

Features of Zenith Bank Card

  1. Make immediate and fastest withdrawal with your 4-card pin
  2. Transfer to another bank using the ATM
  3. Pay for online shopping
  4. Pay your Nepa bill, Water bills, Rents and other Subscription plans
  5. Recharge your network and equally recharge for family
    Withdraw from other ATM with a maximum count of 3 per month. Above count will attract #65 interest.
  6. Check your balances within 2 mins.

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How to Apply for Zenith Bank Card

Very Easy! Go to any Zenith bank branch nearby to apply for the card using the application form. The card will be issued immediately while your account is debited at once. Choose your debit card secret pin for your daily transactions. On the other hand, you can apply for the card online through your online account and wait to be notified when to arrive for your card. Make your choice from the three available cards issued in the bank. No restrictions by the issuer.

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