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With the knowledge of how to apply International Chairman’s Award you will enjoy the privilege of studying in Elmhurst College, a recognized US university that will undertake international and home students that will intake their freshmen training with the program. So, hit this apply button to start your application as fast as possible. Welcome to the family!

International students and US citizens are now given the privilege to access an annual scholarship called the International Chairman’s award in USA. This scholarship the fields of all English taught program in Elmhurst College making it so obvious that international students especially candidates from countries that didn’t recognize English as their first and prominent language, will defend their proficiency in English providing us with their test.

Yes, these international students will provide their English proficiency test so that we can testify their range of understanding in English, the speaking fluency and perfection when it comes to putting the language in writing. So, this criteria is a prioritized one and only after this test is confirmed will you know how useful this tutorial on how to apply International Chairman’s award will go.

Therefore, international students that has been aiming at abroad study for so long will now study in Elmhurt College as beneficiaries and then, rendered partial support for their studies as this scholarship is a partial funding. Once you render an application while recognizing all the policies guiding this scholarship, your application will not be contradicted rather you will receive a confirmation letter.

Above all, permit us to highlight all the criteria that applicants must meet up with, before they are worthy of submitting an application form or accessing the application portal. At this point, your nationality is not a problem as any student from anywhere around the globe can apply. The core criteria is that you must be a high school finalist intending to startup an undergraduate program. Other eligibility criteria has been unleashed below, take a look.

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Other Eligibility Criteria

  • Agreement to study a field of study in recognition is highly needed. That said, any candidate intending to intake an undergraduate program with our scholarship opportunity.
  • Irrespective of your constituency, you must present a National ID presenting carefully, the country you are applying from.
  • High school national diploma won’t be taken for granted as it’s an important document that will boots the validity of your application.
  • On the other hand, our beneficiaries maintain high records during their program. So, you must agree to keep up with satisfactory grades.
  • More to that, it is highly demanded that you will apply before the due date.

Host Institution

Elmhurst College will take you in, nurture and bring out that hidden talent into recognition. You will pass through that training so that you will become an ambassador in your own field of profession and also a stand out among your kind.

Field of Study in Recognition

Access all undergraduate subject that exist in Elmhurst College curriculum with the knowledge of how to apply International Chairman’s award. It will take you 4 years only. Throughout that 4 years, you will receive annual funds that will support you, including other petty supports that will see you through.

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Scholarship Value

20,000USD is an annual grant given to beneficiaries for sorting their tuition fee, monthly stipend and some other private, academic costs.

Eligible Academic Level

Get ready to be certified with Bachelor’s degree certificate after this undergraduate program is duly started and completed.

How to Apply International Chairman’s Award

If you know how to apply International Chairman’s award, you will be able to realize that no application form is needed to complete this application. It has been structured as an automatic scholarship award. Freshmen are automatically awarded after they have taken an undergraduate course available in Elmhurst College.

Therefore, apply for an admission at Elmhurst College when you visit – review the application process and apply. After you receive your admission request, you will be automatically considered as one of our beneficiaries.

This is the exact way to apply for International Chairman’s Award in USA. Application procedure and due date is same for all the countries. So, aspirants should take note. Do not forget to drop your review on the comment box below.

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