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All freshers are constantly looking out how to apply JAMB form 2021 online. 2021 JAMB has started and will end soon. You need to know all the requirements, have them complete, and then provide them to validate your application. Hope you know that self-registration is also obtainable? How can you do that?

For a high school finisher to move into a higher institution, JAMB examination must be taken, passed, and enrollment given to you by the chosen institution. There are processes that must be undergone before you win the JAMBite identification. You can be a candidate in any year but it is already certain that most people are ready to make a move this year.

In that case, this page has provided you with full information on how to apply JAMB form 2021 online and get your profile code for proceeding and completing the application. For you to apply, ensure that you are with your O’level certificate which of course must have 5 credits at least. More demands will be unveiled below for all the upcoming freshers.

JAMB Application Due Date

2021 JAMB application started on April 8th, 2021 which is Thursday and the application will end on May 15th, 2021. That said, you have between these given time to apply for JAMB. Hope you know that any payment later than the due date is not considerable? You can’t apply after the due date because they take their time to evaluate applications before the exam kickstarts.

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Application Amount for JAMB 2021

Although there are changes to the requirements imposed to 2021 JAMB application, candidates are entitled to certain amount to validate their application. You can pay through several platforms. Meanwhile, JAMB registered cyber cafes are the ones responsible for making payments. With this amount, you will vend the PINs and complete application officially.

Notwithstanding, NGN 4,700 is the general 2021 JAMB application fee. So, get the fund and proceed with this guide on how to apply JAMB form 2021 online. Before that, take your time to discover all the requirements because 2021 JAMB requirements changed due to additional documents.

How to Make 2021 JAMB Payments

As JAMB may have it, there are tons of platforms designed to help in rendering JAMB payments provided that your fee is complete. Once you make the payment, e-Pin will be sent to the candidates’s phone number. Prior to that, candidates making payments must provide their profile code for this measure. Check out payment methods below.

  • Using Remita or Interswitch at JAMB portal ( which is the online route of payment.
  • Making payments using ATM.
  • Using your POS for payments.
  • Make payments through banks.

Using any of the methods, you can complete the 2021 UTME registration because the application can only be completed after the e-PIN is generated.

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JAMB Online Application Requirements

For a candidate to have the application completed as the officials demanded, there are materials that must be present and active. Hey!, meet all you must provide to validate your application;

  1. Mobile phone number that receives SMS. This phone number must be available throughout the process because it is the only way JAMB will communicate it to you.
  2. National Identification Number ( Additional requirement ).
  3. Profile code that will be sent to the phone number you registered.
  4. Whether you are a Nigerian living abroad or in the country, you can apply.

How to Apply JAMB Form 2021 Online

The fact is that there are steps taken in registering for JAMB and you can only be attended to when you are registered and approved by JAMB. On the contrary, it is always the best when you go directly to a JAMB center or any registered Cybe Cafe to apply JAMB form 2021 online. In that case; check all these requirements mentioned, provide them, and head onto any cyber cafe near your location to apply.

Nevertheless, get your application fee plus a mobile phone that the phone number you intend to use for the registration is slotted.

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