How to Apply Prince Sultan University Scholarship

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This is a crystal clarification on how to apply Prince Sultan university scholarship. All the international students that are so into this scholarship award due to the fact that they want to make a change with this single opportunity, this application procedure is available for all of you.

Prince Sultan scholarship encompasses Masters program and for a student to apply for the scholarship, same individual must ensure that Masters program hasn’t ever undergone or its certificate received. As a matter of fact, the scholarship offers an award of enjoying full tuition waiver throughout your duration.

Nevertheless, aspirants must explore to discover all Prince Sultan scholarship application requirements so as to be able to check the eligibility and convenience of this scholarship. At this point in time, Visavit intends to let you know that for you to apply for the scholarship, you must be English fluent.

That said, your English proficiency must be tested so as to be able to apply and get awarded. More to that, get ready to be gifted with special skills to handle cybersecurity. This program created by Prince Sultan university will see you through that. In that case, get ready to be on a trail of students that will enjoy fully funded scholarship scheme opportunity during the next academic session.

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The primary aim of this scholarship is to offer financial support to high ambitious students that will not exploit this opportunity given to them. Remember that you will be funded throughout your program provided that you are set and fit to pay back with satisfactory results. That is how you will pay back.

Without further ado, you will meet international students and other intelligent students that are ready to make positive changes to the world at large. Ensure that you have completed undergraduate program and is ready to proceed with a postgraduate degree program so that you will become eligible for this scholarship.

Place of Study

Prince Sultan university is the first prestigious university in Saudi Arabia. Meet thousands of undergraduate and postgraduate courses at Prince Sultan university. Students are given free liberty to make their choice from these tons of available courses.

Meanwhile, Prince Sultan is selected as an institution that will undertake students due to how they value professionalism and prioritize structuring new leaders of tomorrow. That is to say, next set if beneficiaries must be set of skilled and experienced students with potential careers.

So, since this is a career-oriented program, students must apply for the program so as to study in Saudi Arabia. Interestingly, it is available for all international students that are interested in applying for this scholarship.

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Scholarship Application Requirements

Allow me to show you Prince Sultan university scholarship application requirements so that you will discover all the prerequisites before applying for the program.

  • You must apply the scholarship online.
  • More to that, apply for an admission into the university so that you will enroll for the a coursework before applying for scholarship.
  • Your CV will be needed and won’t be taken for granted.
  • Meanwhile, having work experience should be part of you. Get ready to provide proof of work experience.
  • Do you also know that English proficiency test is needed as well? Submit either your TOEFL or IELTS with a satisfactory score.
  • You will be funded monthly, no doubt, but you must have zeal of giving high scores after each semester.
  • Candidates must submit all demanded documents during application.

How to Apply Prince Sultan University Scholarship

To apply for this scholarship is very simple provided that you have all required documents. Apply for an admission first so as to enroll for a Masters program at the Prince Sultan university. After the enrollment is completed, visit

It is necessary for you to get an admission first before applying for the scholarship because your student details will be needed in accessing the scholarship page. Meanwhile, you can apply now if you are:

  • Healthy.
  • Intelligent
  • Masters degree aspirant.
  • Has undergone undergraduate coursework.
  • Hasn’t ever received undergraduate degree since lifetime.
  • Also, is interested in only a coursework offered by the university.

As you have seen the procedures and details, you are free to ask questions where you are confused.

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