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You will not only learn how to apply Schengen business visa from this content but also get full information on the Schengen business visa processing time, the Schengen business visa cost, requirements for Schengen business visa, and how to apply Schengen visa for business from your country. I’m sure that after going through all of them you must be clarified on certain things pertaining to Schengen business visa. First thing first, your Schengen business visa application can only be approved if you met the requirements and followed the guidelines exposed to applicants as the method of application.

As we all know, it is an international request that demands maximum attention but you can only be considered when you are eligible. How will you know if you are eligible or not? That is why we are here. Visavit is available to answer all the questions related to Schengen business visa and its application.

However, before we start, what is Schengen business visa? Schengen business visa is an authorization issued to citizens from any country outside Schengen area that requires a visa for moving into a Schengen country or Schengen country for business purposes only. However, Schengen Area comprises only European countries that abolished other visa policies and abide by their mutually understood travel policy and purposes.

Schengen Countries

It is also wise enough for all the readers to discover all the 26 Schengen countries before they start learning how to apply Schengen business visa. The purpose is to ensure that the country they are intending to apply for recognizes Schengen business visa because only Schengen countries recognize the Schengen passport and travel policy. They are

  1. Norway
  2. Spain
  3. Liechtenstein
  4. Denmark
  5. Austria
  6. Luxembourg
  7. Slovakia
  8. Iceland
  9. Belgium
  10. Estonia
  11. Czech Republic
  12. Malta
  13. Finland
  14. Netherlands
  15. Sweden
  16. Latvia
  17. Portugal
  18. Switzerland
  19. Poland
  20. Hungary
  21. Slovenia
  22. Greece
  23. Italy
  24. Germany
  25. France
  26. Lithuania

If the country you are intending to travel to with the Schengen business visa which you are intending to apply and abode by its policies is not, do not proceed with your application because it will not be considered, whether you are eligible or not.

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Schengen Business Visa Review

There are things I would love you to know about Schengen Business visa. If you take note of all these facts, it will help you in applying for a considerable business visa to travel to any of the European countries mentioned above

  • Anybody that travels to any of the countries with the Schengen business visa is not eligible for a permanent residence permit.
  • In case you don’t know, Schengen business visa has its limitations as well.
  • It takes longer days to process the visa so you are expected to apply earlier before your travel.
  • The maximum validity is 90 days which is three months and you are expected to stay latest
  • 15 days after the processing time before traveling to Europe.

Have all of these in mind often. It will help you to apply Schengen business visa online or anywhere.

Europe Travel Business Visa Processing Time

Actually, it takes 10 business days for the visa to be completely processed. Once it is approved, you are expected to stay in your home country at maximum, 15 days after receiving the Schengen business visa.

However, individual case can top-up the processing time.

Requirements for Schengen Business Visa

The following are all that is required from immigrants or aspirants intending to put it through;

  1. 2 recent passport photographs
  2. You need proof of financial stability and at this point, you need the bank statement to be a piece of evidence. That said, you must submit your bank statement.
  3. You should have a valid passport that will last at least three months prior to your travel.
  4. Travel insurance policy
  5. A completely filled application form and proof of visa payment.
  6. Financial sponsorship letter.
  7. An Itinerary including your flight dates, the number, entry, and exit from the country.
  8. Invitation letter from the applicant’s working place and a short profile of the working place.

I believe that we are now good to go with the idea of whether to apply for Schengen visa for business or not.

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How to Apply Schengen Business Visa

When you have checked all the application requirements and attest to your eligibility status the next and most important thing to start with is to

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