How to Apply Switzerland Tourist Visa Online – Requirements and Visa Prices

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Apply Switzerland tourist visa online, apply for Switzerland visitor visa, visitor visa to Switzerland apply online, or apply visitor visa to Switzerland online that takes only 12 days to process. Hope you know that tourist visa is the same as visitor visa? There is something we must do first and that is to find out your eligiblity to the tourist visa.

Not everybody needs visa to enter Switzerland. Before you consider to apply for Switzerland tourist visa, check if you need visa to enter Switzerland. After that, you can proceed to the page for the application since you can apply online and also do the documentations. However, only fee individuals are allowed to come to Switzerland even if they already have valid tourist visa. It is the covid-19 policy.

Nevertheless, we got a good a news for you. Switzerland visa tourist visa can be extended even when you have entered Switzerland. Also, foreigners that needs work permit can get it from if they switched reasons inside the country. While in Switzerland for six months, if you have more reasons to stay and unfortunately, the Switzerland tourist/visitor visa has expired, you are eligible to restore the visa again.

No wonder visitors from abroad always feel relaxed in Switzerland. Some even go ahead to ask how possible it is to apply for Switzerland green card with visitor visa. Well, you are free to shoot your shot but it is not always as easy as you think. If you are interested in getting the green card, let us know in the comment box below. Back to base, Switzerland tourist visa takes 12 days to arrive to you if you applied according to the terms and regulations. We can now see all the documents that you need.

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Must I Travel with Switzerland Visitor Visa?

This is a rare question but the truth is that, Switzerland Visitor Visa is in many types. Even if you are traveling as a student or doctor, you need the visitor visa since you are not a citizen. Although there are nationals that enter Switzerland with no visitor visa, there are still ones that need it. You are to choose a visa type according to your reasons.

  1. Business
  2. Academics
  3. Tourism
  4. Temporary resident

Apply the visa according to your reason and gave it added to your passport to prove that you met with all the requirements that will lead you to Switzerland. The tourist visa is an official document that proves your eligiblity to the life of Switzerland as a student, parent, or a visitor.

How Long Visitor Visa Stays Active?

Depends on the immigration officer met, at the entry port, the immigration officer will review your passport and Visa. The officer will give you visitor record while will show when you will leave and that is after the officer has finished reviewing your documents.

Some are lucky enough to stay more than 6 months, some stay less than six months, while others stay at exactly the six months. Apart from the visitor record, the officer can put the date you are expected to leave on your passport. This is the factor that determines your duration.

Application Requirements

As an applicant, there is a number of requirements that you just fulfil and we have listed them below;

  1. You must be healthy unless you are going on the ground of meeting a certified medical practitioner. Your permit will prove that.
  2. Get your international passport which is a valid travel document. You need it and even if you have one, ensure that  it has three open pages and will stay valid up to three months.
  3. No criminal record or immigration convictions.
  4. A proof of property or reason to return to your home country once your duration in Switzerland has elapsed. You must convince the immigration officer.
  5. To prove that you have enough fund to support yourself in Switzerland, a bank statement will be needed. Your own or that of your guardian that is supporting the travel.

If you are ready to leave at the end of your stay apart from when there is an unexpected circumstances, head over to the online portal to apply Switzerland tourist visa online.

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Apply Switzerland Tourist Visa

Before applying, these are the documents that must be ready so as to prove to the immigration officer of your sincerity

  • Bank statement
  • National ID to prove your nationality.
  • A permit, depending on your reason. Student – admission letter, Workers – work permit, visit – an invite from your family member or friend inviting you.
  • Proof of ties and property such as assets, that will prove your come back.

With these documents, go to the online application portal for Switzerland visa to apply for this tourist visa. It will take some days to complete the processing. Fasten the processing duration by offering more money, that is, if you need it sooner.

You got questions? Use the comment box below.

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