How to Apply Visa Dubai from Canada

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Are you in Canada now but don’t know how to apply Dubai Visa from Canada, take a single step with this guide to get yourself a cheap UAE visa wherever to you are, including Canada. The requirements for applicants from Canada are mentioned below.

You are ready and willing to apply visa Dubai from Canada, these are the processes to put in place while arranging to travel to Dubai for vacation, shopping, business, residence, or education. You can also discover on this page all the Dubai visa prices.

Dubai visa is one of the affordable visas in the whole world. The travel expense is quite affordable and convenient enough for any foreigner that would love to go there. You can actually wake up today, approach the embassy to process your visa but the price is dependent on the kind of visa you are applying for.

Moreover, on this page of how to apply visa Dubai from Canada, we will simply structure few points that will lead you through your application and also walk you through the visa processing time. In other words, Dubai visa processing takes maximum of 8 days and not less than 2 days depending on your visa and your visa agency.

Above all, Dubai is among the countries regarded and recognized around the word as a tourist hub. You have beaches, markets, shopping malls, and most importantly, hideous simple tourist centers that will widen your experiences and memories here on earth. This journey starts from applying for the visa. Luckily, this page has provided you with quick guide on how to do so.

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Types of Dubai Visa

Dubai Visas are categorized according to duration you intend to stay there. It is unlike other countries like US, Canada, Malaysia, France, UK, and more that would love you to select your visa type according to the purpose of the visa. At this point, this page intend to show you all the categories of Dubai visa that you can actually indicate to apply for:

  • 2 weeks visa duration.
  • A month visa duration.
  • 3 months visa duration
  • A month multi-entry short term visa.
  • 96 hours visa.
  • 3 months multi-entry long term visa.

So, the duration to choose is dependent on your travel purpose. You cannot intend to travel for tourist and then apply for 96 hours Dubai visa. So, make your choice properly we will help you apply for it. But before then, take this time to discover all the Dubai Visa application requirements.

Dubai Visa Application Requirements

These are requirements to provide while applying for your Dubai visa. If these requirements are complete, the tendency of having an approved application will be extended. So, it will be necessary for an applicant to observe and execute an application with all these documents completely provided.

  • For you to apply visa Dubai from Canada, your bank statement must be available so as to confirm your financial strength while staying in Dubai.
  • Additionally, a certified health status will serve as an evidence of being physically and mentally fit for the travel. The country doesn’t want to be exposed to all sorts of contagious diseases as most people are vulnerable to infections.
  • Your government issued National ID.
  • Nigerian passport.
  • A letter of invitation by someone inviting you over to Dubai if you are applying as a visitor.
  • More to that, foreigners traveling for tourism will provide proof of granted leave by their employer.
  • A completely filled visa application form. It must be filled out in upper case. Ensure that all the columns are filled out, vacant columns won’t be entertained.
  • For applicants that has no family member or friend in Dubai will provide a copy of hotel reservation to prove that their accommodation are already assured.

Now that you have gotten full idea on requirements addressed to applicants that are on this page to learn how to apply for Dubai visa, feel free to review this quick guide on how to apply visa Dubai from Canada.

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How to Apply Visa Dubai from Canada

We have taken time to research and discover how to apply visa Dubai from Canada and we are so happy to provide you with all the information needed. So, for you to apply for the visa you must ensure that you have all the attributes addressed to prospective immigrants or applicants. After these requirements are confirmed, the next line of action is to:

  • Find a place in Canada that Dubai Embassy is located at.
  • If you discover the Embassy or Consulate, move in to make more inquiries about the application. However, there is one at;

These embassies will make your dream come true if you show maximum compliance.

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