How to Block Someone on Facebook

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This time around, we will not only look at how to block someone on Facebook, but also how to execute same message blockage with a functioning Facebook Messenger application. I believe that most Facebookers possesses Facebook messenger app while most of them use Facebook lite for messaging.

Whichever way you contact friends and family, chill and have fun online with them, Facebook provided a legalized, simple and sweetest method of giving people breaks on Facebook. There are three mediums for chatting on Facebook and they include the web, the app and then, the Messenger. We initially treated and equally unleashed certified methods for getting rid of people or just setting them aside on Facebook.

Here we are again on a very refined interface with a comprehensive guideline on how to block someone on Facebook. If you have the Facebook Messenger app, logged in your account and uses it for spontaneous chat on Facebook with Fb friends, this tip is more beneficial for you because all the guidelines reflected on how to block someone on Facebook messenger permanently.

The truth is that, we don’t know your exact reason for blocking someone on Facebook but have it in mind that blocking Facebook friends will cut all ties among you people. If you haven’t tried it before, just know that it has diverse effects which might be positive or negative on your own side. Above all, see the effects here.

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Diverse Implications of Blocking Someone

It is called blocking someone on Facebook, AKA – blocking messages. Some try this action without knowing the adverse effects.

  • When a contact or certain account is blocked, there will be no more Facebook-supported communication between you and the person.
  • The best of it all is that the blocked will not be able to send you a successfully sent messages again from their chat room.
  • They will no longer have access to anything concerning you, including sending your files, pictures and other multimedia stuffs.

So, do you still wanna try it? This is how you gonna get it done, follow either of the basic tutorials shown below for successful blockage of the prospective. Either of the two measures are prime measures. Just take any.

How to Block Someone on Facebook

Get ready to be taken home with the ride on how to block someone on Facebook. So many people on Facebook doesn’t seem the way they appear when it comes to conversations. Some are so annoying, aggressive, and all worth not. When it comes to these sets of people, all you need to in order to save yourself from their wrath or upcoming predicament is to give them automatic break.

This is how to block someone on Facebook messenger permanently. If you haven’t download the Messenger or doesn’t use it for chats, an alternative is still valid, set and ready for you after this section.

  1. Simply open the Facebook Messenger app which I believe is present in your mobile phone.
  2. On the contrary, you can still download the Messenger app from your application store, install it, open it, and login your account to proceed this measures from the start, along with us.
  3. Tap on the contact you intend to block so that the message room will be disclosed.
  4. At the top center of the opened new page, tap on the name of the person.
  5. His/her profile will open. Scroll down and move to the ‘Ignore Message” section.
  6. Tap on Block
  7. Flip the Toggle bar to the right to turn it on.
  8. Go back and check it, you cannot send a message or receive another message afterwards.

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How to Block Someone on Facebook Web

This is actually the most accessible and easily described mode of maintaining “Stop” between you an someone in Facebook only.

  • Open your Facebook web (
  • Login interface will show if you were not recently logged in.
  • Login with same login credentials ( email/phone number and password ).
  • Go to the person you want to block to open the chats between both of you
  • At your immediate right hand side, click on Settings which has a Gear icon.
  • On the drop down options, click on Block messages.
  • Confirm that you really want to block the contact by clicking on the “Block Messages” again.
  • Done and Dusted!!.

The method of using Facebook web can be implemented with a mobile phone or PC provided that the account in which someone will be blocked is still remembered.

How to Unblock Someone on Facebook.

That is never a problem. It is reversible. Same way you blocked them, go back their unblock them. With Facebook Messenger, you just ave to flip the toggle to the left so that the feature will be turned off. Same way, unblock messages by clicking on unblock from the contact’s profile. Even if you blocked thousands, you must unblock them singularly singularly. No multi unblock.

Hope this page answered your questions and clarified you on all you need to know? Use the share button to also let others know about this.

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