How to Block Someone on Okcupid | Unmatch Contacts in Okcupid

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AIs someone harassing you? See how to block someone on OkCupid dating site in order to stop the person from having access to your profile and also losing all the conversations you had with him or her. Stay cool and learn other outcomes.OkCupid is a very important dating platform for those of them that are looking for important relationships that some can even lead to marriage. It is also possible that you will meet a lot of personalities in which some can be so annoying to your life. In order to retain you and retain your comfort, OkCupid provided the singles or let’s say, users of their platform the opportunity to block someone on OkCupid.

You can call it unmatching and you can also call it blocking someone. It is actually targeted at depriving the blocked person the mandate to access your profile anytime and anyhow, the ability to chat you up regardless of where they are, and so many other mandates that it has breached. The good news is that the blocked friends will not know that you blocked them rather when they search your account they will think that it is deleted.

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Is it for Free?

Of course, it’s for free. You are not expected to pay any dime for living a free life in the social app. Freely delete anyone or Unmatch anyone that is literally disturbing you, insulting you, harassing, depriving joy of you, causing havoc, terrorizing the platform for you, depriving peace of, and making your stay there a living nightmare. We want your happiness. So, feel free to delete your OkCupid from someone’s account.

What Happens when you Block Someone on OkCupid

The fact is that the blocked person will not know that you have blocked him. It is a promise from OkCupid to you.

  1. When they search your name it will appear deleted.
  2. All the conversations they had with you will vanish.
  3. No access to your profile pictures.
  4. No access to all the files sent to them or shared between each other.
  5. Searching your profile to know your gender, country, it even age will not be progressive because the targeted account will not appear once searched.
  6. You will not hear from the person through OkCupid platform again.
  7. Of course, they will stop seeing when they are online and you will stop viewing them as well.

Aren’t these all you wanted? Congratulations because you are about to make the first bold step towards freedom on your OkCupid account.

How to Block Someone on OkCupid

For us to get started you must know how to login OkCupid account. If it entails tapping on the app logs you in, do that right now but if you are someone that logs in through the website then you should consider doing that right away so that you can follow up with the steps below.

  • Login with username and password or with any other alternate login account.
  • When that is done you will find yourself in your dashboard.
  • Go to the person’s profile to click on the three dots at the top right side of the profile page.
  • Navigate to Block and Unmatch to click.
  • When clicked, confirm it and block.

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From Message Page:

    • You can also block the person by tapping on the three dots that appear at the top right of the chat page when reviewing his or her sent messages. It will take you to many options in which Unblock and Unmatch are included. Click and confirm it. We are done.

Block Someone on OkCupid without Login

That one is obviously another impossibility for OkCupid. For you to block someone you must login to your account to indicate the exact profile or username you want to block. It is when you login that you will be able to scroll through your contacts and access interests. Therefore, login now, use any of the measures below to block someone and see the blocked contacts

  1. When you login your account.
  2. Tap on your profile.
  3. Locate and tap on Account Settings.
  4. Hit the Privacy button.
  5. Then Blocked lists will be viewed from there.

Are you happy now? You should feel free to ask questions if you have any.

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