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Look at how to block someone on WhatsApp in a jiffy with this guide as your assistance. Most people can be so annoying and some strangers are not what you want so this is the only way to stop a contact from disrupting your stay in WhatsApp. Here we go!

Blocking someone on WhatsApp is not rude most times but also rude in some cases. All of us fight for our happiness. Once you observe an intrude, jerk, or unwanted contact, if you have the urge to block the person, go ahead. Nobody will fight for you so you gotta be so protective of yourself. Meanwhile, you can still block a saved contact on WhatsApp.

As a matter of fact, it will interest you to know that the contact you blocked will be aware. Not everybody is aware when they are blocked but smart ones noticed when they are blocked. If someone blocks you on WhatsApp, you will stop seeing the person’s status, please profile pictures, last seen, and most of all, none of your sent messages will be delivered.

Same thing occurs when you block someone. You will see the person’s profile picture but the person won’t see yours. More to that, no more status or messages from the person will appear on your WhatsApp so I believe the notion that anyone intending to learn how to block someone on WhatsApp yearns for similar outcome.

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Block Someone on WhatsApp without Login

It is not possible to block a contact without logging onto your WhatsApp account. It is in your account that the contact will be located. So you should ensure that WhatsApp app is present in your mobile phone. If not logged in, try to login with phone number and password.

However, WhatsApp app is available in all mobile application stores. WhatsApp for Pc is also available. Opera mini for PC also has WhatsApp as an embedded app so access your account from anywhere provided that your mobile WhatsApp is active.

How to Block Someone on WhatsApp

It is very simple and effective. It is just the fastest way to breach connection between you and anyone you want to get temporarily or permanently rid of.

  1. Just open your WhatsApp.
  2. Open the chat with the contact.
  3. Tap on the More option that is presented with three vertical dots.
  4. Tap on the More again and review the new small options.
  5. Locate and tap Block.
  6. WhatsApp will ask you again if you really want to block the contact. Confirm it and have that friend’s contact blocked.

This is how you do it to other contacts if they appear to be meeting up with your eligibility criteria for closing contacts.

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How to Block WhatsApp Contact on PC

You have your PC now? Interestingly, WhatsApp works simultaneously with PC and phone.

  • Open your WhatsApp from your phone.
  • Then, launch the latest Opera Mini browser to locate WhatsApp from there and launch.
  • Scan the WhatsApp web and login there.
  • Locate the contact and do the same justice to it with the same steps shown to you.

Looking at this, it is just a long process. Using your mobile phone for blocking contacts on WhatsApp is more simple, easy, and faster than that of computers. Above all, the choice is yours.

Can I retrieve the Blocked Contact?

Yes, you can unblock the contact if you want. Blocked contact list is there in your profile. You can find them and unblock ones you want but that isn’t necessary now as you yearn for a total relief from that contact.

Meanwhile, in case you want to unblock the contact later on and you need help, let us know by indicating in the comment box below.

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