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Here is how to create WhatsApp account online: Open your browser and log on to, you will see WhatsApp download options, follow any of the ink that works for your device to download whatsapp apk.

Whatsapp is a mobile phone app and so it will need a mobile phone to work perfectly. Just like the Likee app, you will need a mobile phone to get it started with Whatsapp. But that is by the way, to get started on WhatsApp, you will need to register your profile.

First thing first; Whatsapp works with 4G, 3G, and even 2G network, you may decide to use an android phone, iPhone, or any other smartphone that you have. Registering Whatsapp account without the app is not possible, so this means that you will have to download the app.

Therefore, download whatsapp apk from Google playstore, iOS, iTunes store, or any app store of your choice. Once you’ve done that, proceed to create WhatsApp account online.

How to Create WhatsApp Online Account

Creating a Whatsapp account online is an easy thing to do, even as a move, you can create free WhatsApp account easily:

Step one: Open your browser and log on to On the website, you will see a brief description of the app. You may want to read that, so just take your time to study the description.

Step two: Tap on the download button, which is located at the right-hand side of your screen.

Step three: You will have to download the app and so, make sure that is successfully installed on your phone. After that, proceed to agree on n the app’s terms of use.

Step Four: Whatsapp will seek permission to gain access to your contacts, media, etc. so give it permission to do so. Also, you will have to enter your phone number for a verification.

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WhatsApp Registration Verification

After observing all entries, the next thing you may e asked to do is to verify your  registration, and here is how to do that:

  • Whastapp will request that you enter your mobile phone number.
  • An SMS or a call will be forwarded to your phone number, depending on the option you selected. A code will be sent to you for verification.
  • copy the code and paste at the column provided.
  • Once that is done. your account is ready, so proceed to invite your friends to come to join you on WhatsApp.

That was pretty easy, so go now to try it out on your own.


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