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It is necessary for you to know how to delete chats on Whatsapp so that when you make mistakes, you will be able to clear the chats without asking around. Feel free to clear a chat when you wish not to reveal it to anyone.

Whatsapp is popular contact chatroom that widens the possibility of chatting efficiently with different sorts of communication tools. Facebook allows you to converse with people all over the world while Whatsapp unlocks chats only to ones in your contact. Meanwhile, chatting on Whatsapp comprises of voice notes, voice call, video call, group call, group chats, and normal singular/private chats.

When we type we tend to make mistakes and how do you rectify the mistakes? It is be deleting the chats or message. You cannot successfully delete a Whatsapp chat if you have no idea of how to exhibit it. Stay put and discover how to hide your chat on Whatsapp from a friend or friends when you send or write another thing. In effect, you can clear a conversation in your chatroom or just a message.

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Delete Whatsapp Chats without Login

You cannot successfully delete Whatsapp chats without logging onto your Whatsapp app. That said, a login is needed. Since you have been using your app for chats, moving into the account will be just a tap.

Locate the chat you intend to delete and follow the on screen guide for that. Meanwhile, you can actually delete a text at the spot while chatting but that happens when you are busy sending a message to a particular friend and discover you sent another thing. Without much ado, get ready to drive to how to delete chats on Whatsapp.

How to Delete Chats on Whatsapp

It’s rather peculiar to know how to delete chats on Whatsapp so that you will enhance your security and privacy while chatting with friends and family. Probably you intend to write and an error occurred, next thing to do is:

  1. Move straight to that chat and locate particular message the error occurred.
  2. Long press the message and locate options that popped-up at the top section of that chat.
  3. Tap on the Trash bin which is of course a Delete icon.
  4. It will demand your confirmation by asking if you want to delete the message(s) once more.
  5. Grant the permission by navigating to and tapping on “Delete”.

A message will now pop-up demonstrating that a message was deleted. At this point, your friend will not discover that you deleted a message or messages. In effect, the chat is still available on your friend’s chat page.

Meanwhile, if you want to hide the message completely from the recipient, follow the rules shown below.

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Rules of Deleting Sent Whatsapp Chats for Everyone ( Me and Others )

Do you know that when you know how to delete chats on Whatsapp that you can delete a chat in your phone and also get it deleted on your friend’s Whatsapp? How is it done?

  • You must delete the chat immediately you sent it so that options to “Delete for Everyone” will appear.
  • Same thing is applicable to files. If you sent a file now mistakenly or intentionally, for you to get it also deleted from your friend’s phone, you have to delete the file immediately you sent it.
  • Do you also know that when an image or images are sent via Whatsapp that they move straight to the recipient’s Gallery? Trash the item if you don’t want your friend to see it by long pressing so that it will be erased in all ramification.
  • Note that the recipient together with you will realize that a message was deleted.
  • Even if your friend implemented same deletion skills, you will also see same notification as “A message was Deleted“.

Are you okay now? You are free to ask other questions relating to Whatsapp because we will quickly attend to you.

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