How to Delete Facebook Dating Profile and Trash the App

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We want to show you the easy way to delete Facebook profile and then trash the app, so if you have been yawning to learn that then here you are. but also on this page, you will be able to find out what you will be missing plus what you will lose when you delete Facebook dating account forever.

Facebook is one of the best online social media networking app, that has above 5 million people as registered users, also it has different ctagroies and apps features to suit both young and old, just for example,e you can create a Facebook group as an individual just to keep your friends and family together; as a company can crete a Facebook page, just to advertise your brand.

However, all that is for the Facebook app but Facebook dating app has a different package all together, So if you are a member of dating app, then you will learn a lot about the app.

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 Know this Before You Delete

  • The Facebook dating app is more advanced than any online dating app you have known.
  • Moreover, just like Tinder, Hinge, Twoo, and eHarmony, it connects you to someone you desire.
  • With the app, you can make new friends and equally fall in love.
  • For newbies, it gives you the opportunity to equally sign up a Facebook account.
  • Get to know more people and then have a large family.
  • There is a certainty that you will meet someone that your heart will crave for.
  • Moreover, the account sign up is free.

Just to refresh your mind, we know that you know all these already, but we just want to remind as you are planning to delete a Facebook profile permanently.

How to Delete Facebook Dating Profile and Trash the App

Before you were allowed to sign up Facebook dating account, you were asked to create a Facebook account, this was to enable Facebook to take record of important details of you like your age, gender, personalities, personal looks, etc. Now, when you created your Facebook dating account,, all this information was used to set up your account and now that you want to deactivate Facebook dating account, all these data will be trashed forever.

How to Permanently Delete Your Facebook Dating Profile

To delete your Facebook dating account, observe the steps below:

  • Go to your Facebook app and on the page click on “Dating”
  • Click also on the settings icon, this is located by the top right hand side of you screen.
  • Scroll down to also click on “general”
  • You will now see the option to delete the profile, simply click on it to continue.
  • Click again on delete.
  • Wait for a confirmation and here it goes.

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How to Delete Dating Profile on Mobile

If you are using smartphones like android, iPhone etc, you can delete your Facebook dating account like this:

  • Log on your Facebook account using the app, then tap on dating.
  • also, tap on the Settings button.
  • You will see on the next page the icon “general so tap on it to continue.
  • Move down to also tap on delete profile, confirm your action by tapping Agia on delete, and wait to trash.

That was very much easy so you can go on to install th app.

What Happens when you Remove your Facebook Dating Profile

  • You will lose your dating profile
  • You will also lose your dating answers. friend’s suggestions, matches, likes, etc.
  • If you delete your Facebook account even by mistake, you will equally delete your Facebook dating profile.


  1. If you delete Facebook dating and you do a new one can you see a person you spoke to again if you accidentally deleted the messaging you were doing with them?

  2. Hi,
    I am trying to delete my facebook dating profile but there is no settings icon on top right, just don’t know how to proceed with it!
    Can you please support?
    Thank u

  3. I have no settings bar on my dating app to get rid of the profile. How do I delete the dating profile without deleting my entire facebook?

  4. Firstly I did not publish a fb dating profile but I have one and that’s another story.
    Within the dating app there is no Settings option, no cog icon, nothing. There is my profile, which can be edited but not deleted. And pictures of matches. No icon anywhere on any page to allow for access to settings. Trapped with a profile and increasing messages with no way to delete it.

  5. I deleted it because I found someone and now that it’s over I want it back but it’s like I erased it completely out of the coding

  6. I haven’t even got the dating app on fbook I’ve tried everything to get it that websites tell you to do it’s just not there how can I get other than turn off WiFi check dob is over 18 I’ve turned on all the notification etc etc anything else or if it just not going to happen

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