1. I’m yet to understand something…how does the payment plan work? 20credits for #2499…how long does that last…and how many messages does it cover?

  2. Since I registered with this site more messages have been coming to my account but I cannot communicate back because of the payment option. I don’t have any visa card but I have money to pay, so u guys should work on that.

  3. Please create another payment options.am not comfortable with the payment options you have here.lets do transfer option.Also,have been trying to upload my pictures but it’s not.i don’t why.People are asking for my pictures.

  4. Pls allow us to pay premium using mobile money àccount of any sim card so that we can also find partners because we don’t have either a credit card or any of the payment options given.

  5. Please do somethin on this payment mode.Its becoming something else here o.Lot of interesting lady here and nao no solution.

    • Ok, have noted that, but you can send the same request to Emilydate help desk from your app or the website. Just use the help desk to contact support directly.

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