How to Download from Google Play Store

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How to Download from Google Play Store –  There are tons of things that Android users can download from this Google developed distribution store. You are guaranteed access to music, games, books, movies, and Android apps anywhere you go.

Google play store is the best android distribution store that reveals and bring in all Android services to you. From this store, people who are definitely android users download top free Android apps, games, books, TVs, app for music and so on and so forth. Everything is accessible here. It is also a search engine. There are apps and games that demands payment but free ones saturated the platform.

Most importantly, no other device has access or right to this app apart from android. Just like iOS store is meant for Apple devices, same thing is applicable to Google play store. However, it is obviously designed by Google.Inc. So, anyone intending to open this store for the first time ever, will need a Google account. Do you have one?.

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How to Create Google Account

Google account is Google mail. That said, anyone that has Gmail account already has a Google account. In the light of that, the account is created for free at or, any of them can go. Most of all, it might interest you to know that setting up a Google account requires;

  • Phone Number.
  • Country.
  • Names.
  • Username for the account.
  • New password.
  • Date of Birth and so on.

The account creator which can be the aspiring user of the account or a helper must insert the details appropriately into the demanded columns. With that, every verification will be completed and you will have your account activated for good. Therefore, get ready to manage millions of mail folders and enjoy other advantages that comes from having a Gmail.

How to Download from Google Play Store

You have tons of materials that you can download on Google play store. Android users always log onto Google play store as it is their first and supreme option to download apps and games. So, if you have anything to download and install in your phone, what you have to do is;

  1. Launch Google Play Store.
  2. Navigate to the search box at the top center of the screen and enter “the name of your download”.
  3. Hit on Install to start the game or app download. Even if it is a book that you want to download, enter the name in the search box and download.
  4. After the download, open the app when it must have finished installing.
  5. You can now set the app or the game from there. That is all it takes.

The download is just as simple as that. However, every android phone has Google play store already. All you need is to activate the play store with Google account. Otherwise, you cannot open or navigate through the store.

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Login Google Play Store

That is all we have been emphasizing. Nobody can open or launch Google play store for the first time without a Google account. Manage your apps subscriptions and review other features on the app while having your Gmail initial at the top right side of the homepage. Explore and enjoy all the embedded tools. Trust me, there is no limit to how many applications/games you can download for the day.

Using this play store is as simple as that. cancel app subscriptions easily from play store. That is one of the reasons for having your Gmail account as the login ID. Every subscription attached to your Google account appears on this play store. So, you can cancel it from there.

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