How to Download Videos from Facebook Groups

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Learning how to download videos from Facebook group will save you from a lot of stress. Having this geek in your mind always will help you grab all the interesting videos you see in Facebook groups both closer and open Facebook group. Do you need software to download Facebook group videos?.

Facebook has over one million groups that you can join, enjoy videos, and keep yourself entertained. While doing your normal exploration in these groups, members tend to share inspiring and extraordinary videos. Just like when you join cooking-related groups, there are recipes that seem strange to you. Having the videos on your mobile phone will help you in mastering your cooking skills.

It is so certain that you must see videos on the Facebook group but what happens when you see ones that you would love to own and watch later as many times as you want? This is where VisaVit is invited. Allow us to show you an elucidated guide on how to download videos from Facebook group. Questions have been popping up and these questions concentrated on whether you need additional software to get the video download done and dusted?

Actually, you need less to download Facebook videos from Facebook groups. The requirements are what you may have already and if you allow us, we will doubtlessly lead the way. However, you can only download when you have access to the videos and as some groups designed and set up their page, you must join and belong before you can view their posts and videos. Above all, the whole process goes like this.

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Requirements for Facebook Groups Videos Download

How long have you stayed asking for demands for downloading photos and videos from groups on Facebook? Your answer is positioned below for you and any other person that would love to find out the answer.

  • A laptop or computer: Due to the procedure, mobile phones are not invited. To download videos from Facebook groups you must login with a laptop, desktop, or computer.
  • Facebook Account: That is the most important thing to have. It is mandatory to have access and also belong to the group you intend to download videos from in order to access the video URLs.
  • Working web browser: Not just any web browser but Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox in particular. You can use either of them for this download.
  • Quality Internet Condition: The inevitable! You must have a cellular data plan or WiFi and a quality Internet network connection in your PC.

Get these ready and proceed to the next stage which is exhibiting all you have learned from this guide that has taken time to show you how to download videos from Facebook group.

How to Download Videos from Facebook Groups ( Google Chrome )

Start by booting your system. Click on Google Chrome web browser to login the Facebook account at

  1. Go to the Facebook group and find the video you want to download. NB: Let us start with one video first, after, you can try multiple times.
  2. Open the video to play so that you will right-click and copy the Facebook URL situated at the browser’s search bar.
  3. Paste it in the browser’s address bar and change the “www” to ‘m’.
  4. When the page loads and appears on your screen, right-click to find and click on “Inspect”.
  5. Click on “Network” that appeared on the Window Pane located at the right of the new page.
  6. From the submenu, click on “Media” and play the video to see a filename on the right lane of the page.
  7. Double click on the filename.
  8. You can hit on the Download button to complete the download.

Go to your gallery now to see the videos or the videos you just downloaded. It is as simple as that.

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Download Videos from Facebook Groups on Mobile Phone

It is not possible to download Facebook group videos using a mobile phone because as we have shown above, only a PC and good internet connection are needed to have any of the interesting videos in your custody. Meanwhile, there is an alternative to Google Chrome which is Mozilla Firefox. You can use Firefox to download videos from Facebook group.

  • Launch your Facebook account from Mozilla Firefox web browser in your PC.
  • Download the web browser if you don’t have it.
  • Find the video and click on it.
  • Copy the URL from the address bar and change the www to m.
  • Click on Play.
  • Feel free to right-click and save the video as the name you want.
  • It will download and save on your mobile phone directly.

Hope you enjoyed this Facebook group videos download guide as it is shown here. Feel free to use the comment box below for your questions, we’d love to attend to you.

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