How to Get Bank Statement for Travel Visa Application

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You need to get bank statement for travel visa application because it is one of the basic requirements from embassies of all the countries expecting foreigners to enter their country. None of the countries wants you to invite vices by not having enough money, so, you must be thoroughly checked through that.

What is a Bank Statement?

This is a document from your bank that shows your account transaction analysis every month or from the month to the month you desire to have on the paper. Some banks like Zenith bank and some other banks usually send the bank statement monthly to their customers emails without them requesting for it. They will show you analysis of the transactions made past month.

The bank statement shows your financial strength and also proves your eligibility to enter a country. Luckily, it is one of the basic requirements alongside your travel documents, itinerary, passport with at least three months validity, digital passport of the current time ( within six months for some country ) which must be on light background.

When some people find out about the bank statement, they find it hard to get while it is among the easiest travel required documents to get ready for your travel visa application. We are here to reveal simple steps to take whenever you find yourself in the situation to get bank statement for travel visa because there is no visa application that doesn’t need a proof of how you will financially support yourself when you enter their territory.

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How to Get Bank Statement for Travel Visa Application

Offline: You know your account that receives enough money daily or monthly, and also knows that the account showcases big amount transactions. This is the type of account that must be used for a travel visa application. Even if you didn’t receive such amount of money this month, go to the nearest branch of your bank to request for the bank statement for the last six months or within the range of duration indicated by the country you are travelling to.

Simply find their customer care and apply for bank statement, show the month range that will be displayed on the paper. Some bank will ask for bank statement application fee which is definitely affordable, depends on your bank, your bank may not request any money. Wait for the bank statement to be printed out and you are good to go.

Online: It depends on the bank also. Some of these financial institutions allow bank statement application from their official website. This is to help subdue the stress for their customers. They can apply and pay charges ( if applicable ) online while their bank statement will be sent as pdf. It is left for you to print it out.

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What if my Bank Account is not Stable for Travel Visa Application?

You can do the otherwise. If you are so sure of traveling to a country and you are really preparing for it, from the last few months, move to agreement with someone so that this person will start moving money into your account. It should show transactions of such. Let the money remain there until you get your back statement ready. Some of the countries approve of visa when the applicant has so so amount of money in his or her bank account.

Nevertheless, applicants with sponsors will not have to go through this stress but to submit the bank statement of their sponsors in replacement of theirs. Students will only show the bank statement of their guardians or sponsors.

Bank statement is not an optional document, it is a basic file that must be present and also appears in every travel visa application. Foreigners must prove that they are not just log of wood before entering a new place.

Therefore, get bank statement for travel visa application from your bank using your mobile phone or going to the bank branch straight.

If you are still having problem with that, do not forget to notify us in the comment box below because we’d love to talk to you. Enjoy your day!.

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