How to Link NIN to SIM Card | Retrieve NIN and Link to SIM

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You need this idea on how to link NIN to sim card so that your phone line will not be included to the list of SIM cards that will be blocked very soon. Even if you have more than three numbers, see how to link all of them here.

NIN is the most researched content in Nigeria because Federal Government of Nigeria has mandated her citizens to link their NIN to their SIM cards for reasons best known to them. Although they stated that it is to curb the rate of fraudulence in the country, only God knows.

So, stop going through the trauma of losing your contacts and business partners and observe how to link NIN to SIM card because the guide is already expressed here. We will start from discovering and also implementing the NIN retrieval with the NIN USSD code generated for those that cannot obtain the NIN from their NIMC card.

Meanwhile, if you are with your NIMC card, move to the end right side of your card to get the NIN from there should in case you don’t want to follow the process of dialing this code. More to that, if you lost the phone number affiliated to your NIMC, it won’t be necessary using the retrieval code for getting NIN but to go to your NIMC card directly.

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How to Retrieve my NIN

Save yourself from wrath of the government by retrieving your NIN through either of the two ways here.

  • First of them is getting your NIMC card to get it from the right end side of your card.
  • Secondly, dial the retrieval code generated by government for all her citizens that intend to get back the NIN.
  • However, the retrieval is mandatory for those that are not yet sure of their NIN. Get it now and recognize this guide that has shown us how to link NIN to SIM card.
  • Above all, anyone that hasn’t registered NIMC cannot retrieve NIN because it is through this process that your NIN will be generated.
  • Only the phone number you used for registering NIMC will be eligible for retrieving NIN.

How to Link NIN to SIM Card

All networks need to be linked provided that is active and also used by you. After retrieving the Identification Number, the next thing to do is to dial any of the numbers shown here. Meanwhile, the number to dial is dependent on your network.


*121*1# on the Airtel number you wish to link and Press 1 for linking your NIN. Insert the 11 digit and send.

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Dial *785# to link your NIN to your MTN number. Ensure that you have retrieved the Identification number before inserting them on the page to get it linked to your SIM card. Approval SMS will be sent after verification.


  • Simply go to the mobile number that your GLO number is. Dial *109*your NIN# and allow the request to be sent properly.
  • The pop-up page will demand you to insert your NIN. Follow the prompts to complete the NIN linking.
  • Wait for reply from GLO.


Are you using 9mobile? You have no problem because we also got you covered as well. Use your mobile phone number to dial *200*8# and complete the linking with the on-screen prompts. Submit your NIN on the screen and await approval letter from 9mobile network. That is if you have 9mobile number.

Is there any other network you want us to link for you? Indicate it on the comment box below.

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