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Catoonify yourself, lets help you make facebook avatar, so that you will see how you will look. Facebook just rolled out a new package which is tagged Facebook avatar, trust me, this is fun and very easy; if you have not seen this on your timeline, then you are missing a lot already.

What is Facebook Avatar?

Facebook Avatar is a new Facebook feature that catoonifies someone photos and then positions it as a full emoji. When created, it can be posted on Facebook comments, shared on Facebook stories, updated as profile picture and equally shared on Facebook messenger.

In addition to the definition above; you can use your Facebook avatar to get more likes, you can us it as a sticker in apps like Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram and even on mail. So this does not and just end up with Facebook. Now, are you ready to dive? Lets us reveal to you below how to create avatar to get more likes.

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How to Make Facebook Avatar and Get More Likes

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To make an Avatar on Facebook, you will need to sign up Facebook account or download Facebook 2020 app which is the latest app, however, if you have an account on Facebook, then no need for all these mentioned formalities.

Step One:

Launch your browser and log on to Facebook app. Now, enter your username and password to open your account.

Step Two:

You are now on your timeline, navigate to the right hand side of your screen and click on the hamburger menu (three horizontal lines).

Step three:

Scroll down and tap on see more and frm th demu list, choose “Avatars”
Click on “Next” and then get started.

Step four:

Choose you choice of skin tone, there are abut 27 skin tone available, then tap on “Next” afterwards to continue.

Step Five:

On the number next, you will be asked to choose your desired hairstyle for your avatar, you can choose between long, medium or short,so to make your decision, click on the color icon.

Step six:

The number next is to select a face-look or head shape of your choice, also choose your complexion and a face lines of your choice.

Step seven

Your face have been customised, now proceed to choose your eye color and lash length, also design your eyebrows to sooth your taste

Step eight

Choose a body shape, also choose also an outfit that can match the body shape. After that,Your avatar is almost ready for use, proceed to click on mark and on next to finish.

That was very easy right? You can now proceed to do right now, however, if you are using a mobile phone, you can be able to create avatar and get more likes, let us show you how you can do that below.

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Easy way to Build Avatar on Facebook Mobile

  • Open your browser and log on to
  • Login to your Facebook account to proceed.
  • If your login details are correct, you will be able to further, so choose the icon avatar.
  • On the next icon choose your screen color, structure your face, choose an eye color and eyebrows
  • Also select body shape and outfit.
  • Follow the prompt to create an amazing avatar.
  • Once you are done, tap on done, to create your avatar.

How to Design Avatar on Facebook 2020

The new Facebook app is out, rush now to download 2020 facebook apk. With Facebook new app, you can easily produce avatars for Facebook that you can model, also, you can get more likes using your new Facebook avatar. Therefore, update your facebook apk now and follow the prompts above to sign up Facebook avatar on android.

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