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Increase the fun when you know how to post on WhatsApp status. The base of entertainment on WhatsApp is the status. Just like you freely post on your Facebook story, Instagram, and your Twitter, you cab post on WhatsApp as well, but how?.

WhatsApp is now the home for all level of entertainment and communication. WhatsApp gives peace of mind because it is limited to only your contacts unlike Facebook that invites different countries into your profile and chat pages. For anyone to reach you on WhatsApp they must have your phone number saved whole you will save theirs. It is a mutual task.

Now, when it comes to being happy and sharing the moments, status is the base of these. Most WhatsApp users doesn’t know that anything called status is even on their app. They thought that this app is only for chatting, sharing photos, files, videos, sending stickers, live chatting, and free voice calls, but no. You can do more than that. You can do more when you learn how to post on WhatsApp Status.

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What is WhatsApp Status?

WhatsApp status is a page on WhatsApp where your contacts share their photos, memes, posts from other applications, 30 seconds videos, and lots of texts in form of entertainment and information. Most people also advertise their brands and products, creates awareness of events and projects on the status.

It is always fun. Meanwhile, status lasts for 24 hours. Once it’s 24 hours prior to the posted time, the post will vanish and your line will be empty. However, you are free to see viewers aside from the ones that turned off their read receipts. Those ones, they can’t see when you view their status and you can’t see when they view yours.

How to Post on WhatsApp Status

There are two icons on Status page and they include the text icon and camera icon. When you want to say something in writing, you click the pencil but when you want to import something from your gallery or want to capture the moment at the moment, tap the camera icon. These icons are located at the down right side of the page. How can we locate the status page?

  1. Login your WhatsApp and slide to the right.
  2. Apart from that, you can just look up to see Chats, Status, Calls. Tap on Status.
  3. Here we are!.
  4. I believe you are seeing a colored page. You can use the tools to change the color, text, and texture of that page but that works when you intend to write.
  5. To post videos or images, tap on the camera icon at the down right side beside the pencil icon.
  6. Your gallery and camera will open at once.
  7. Either you tap on the circle situated at the down center of your screen now or long-press to capture image or record short videos respectively.
  8. Or, scroll up to import posts from your gallery.

It can only allow 30 seconds duration videos at once. However, if the video duration exceeded 30 seconds, WhatsApp will demarcate it by itself and the sender can now send them one after the other. On the other hand, the limit to images is 30. You can only share 30 images at once. Leave others for another day because a lot of users don’t find enthusiastic when it’s much, rather, it becomes tiring

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How to Download WhatsApp Status

The way you download an external app to download Facebook videos, Twitter, and Instagram, same idea is initiated here. You need a WhatsApp status saver to save all the status that interested you. We have tons of WhatsApp status saver app on the store that you can get.

Having them will help you save what others posted easily without asking them to share it with you or send it to you. It is just the easiest way to save all the funny videos and memes in your phone when video recording is not initiated.

Download a WhatsApp status saver you want from play store for free and use them in posting what others posted, directly to your status without saving them or saving them in your phone to view later since WhatsApp posts elapse within a day count (24 hours).

Above all, if you are having a problem with posting on your status, please let us know in the comment box below.

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