How to Put Parental Control on DStv

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Here is a simple guide on how to put parental control on dstv. Do you have a kid at home and you will like to be in charge of what they watch or view, you will learn how to control all that after reading this post. Meanwhile, this is a simple guide on how to block channels on dstv, this means that, this can only work for DSTV users. However, other cable networks like GOtv can still subscribe to simple service like this.

What You Need to Block Some Channels on DStv

  • The applicant’s must have a DStv decoder
  • Your account must be active, if your account is not active, you can subscribe to DSTV so as to gain access to the control panel.

You may not be able to tune off a channel on dstv if your account is not active.

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How to Put Parental Control on DStv

This is how you can put parental control on your dstv

  • Turn on your tv and your dstv decoder
  • Simply press “ON” on your remote the dstv button
  • Go to the settings icon, scroll down to parental control and select PG settings
  • Choose the option that you want to place on prenatal control. Now, choose between blocking by PG rating or blocking the whole channels.

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