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Did you just receive a photo but don’t know how to save photos from Facebook to iPhone, Android phone, other smartphones, and your laptop as well? This is an elucidated guide that will direct you throughout this journey.

There are several things you can do with Facebook apart from saving photos. It is through chatting that you will receive photos. Maybe you demanded the photos or the person wants you to see them. However the case maybe, this is a guide that will help you Initiate saving of Facebook photos to your phone or computer.

Meanwhile, Facebook is so good at encrypting photos, files, chats, audio, and other media. Even if you come back to that chatroom three years later, provided that the account hasn’t been tampered with, those media will still be there. On the other hand, it will also interest you to know other things on Facebook apart from saving photos from Facebook

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Uses of Facebook App

The popularity of this app is first class. Facebook is the first before every other social media app you might think of. This is because there are tons of things to execute in Facebook and with Facebook. They include:

  • Do you know that your Facebook details can be used to login to another website regardless of the fact that you haven’t opened any account there?
  • FB account is an official account most considered by other websites for members that wish to sign in through a simpler way.
  • At this point, your Facebook credentials will just be transferred to the new website so that a profile will be set up for you.
  • Apart from that, FB users find jobs on Facebook.
  • For the fact that you are online, you will view sales from individuals and registered stores like Jumia, Amazon, and others. Place your order for purchase and lay through Facebook pay
  • Still not forgetting the fact that singles find their missing rib here. Login Facebook dating app and find the love of your life.

So, aside from chatting, having fun, viewing stories, posting, commenting, and following your favorite celebrity, there are thousands of essential things you can render, obtain, or concert with Facebook apps in a space of your Fb account.

How to Save Photos from Facebook

Observe how to save photos from Facebook to your Android phone or iPhone. This section will just concentrate on mobile phones.

  1. You will just need to login your account
  2. Go to the chatroom that the photo was sent in.
  3. Tap on that photo so that it will give you the full resolution.
  4. It is now on your screen. Navigate to the top right side to hit on those three dots.
  5. Tap on that Save Photo and move to your phone storage to locate the file in your gallery.

On the contrary, iPhone users save photos the same way Androids save theirs but the difference is the “dot” so don’t be confused. Androids have vertical dots while iPhones have horizontal dots but they are all three.

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Save Photos from Facebook to my iPhone

Very simple! Open the FB app you intend to obtain the images from. Go to the chatroom that has the photo and tap on the image. Navigate and tap on the three horizontal dots located at the top right side of the image. Go to “Save Photos” and get the item saved directly to your iPhone.

Meanwhile, do you have a laptop and interest you more when you use a laptop in navigating your account, also see how to secure an image while on FB with your laptop.

Facebook Photos Save Using Laptop

Photos that you save using a laptop will not go directly to your phone but laptop. You can only transfer the item later if you wish to. All you have to do is to follow the same rule of clicking on the image to have a full resolution of it. Locate and click on “Save Photos” to keep it saved in your laptop.

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