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Do you have Cryptocurrency wallet? This is how to send Crypto wallet address to anyone that wants to send you coins or assets through a mobile phone. When you deploy the geek here, it will guide you through how to choose the rightful coins and its wallet address in order to avoid mistakes.

Cryptocurrency is an approved payment currency in the world right now. It is an online transaction that takes less time to have your order rendered. Most coins are mined and people tend to buy in thousands, millions, and billions. For you to receive a chosen Cryptocurrency from someone, you must send the coin’s wallet address. Without the address, no transfer can be made.

Therefore, in order to avoid the topic of not receiving Crypto after you must have made payment and sent proof of payment to the sender, quickly discover how to send Crypto wallet address on this page. Before we proceed, hope you have a Crypto wallet? Before you will be able to receive and send Cryptocurrency you must have a Crypto wallet. How can you create one?

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How to Create Cryptocurrency Wallet

Trust Wallet app is the most trusted, most downloaded, and also the most used app for managing Cryptocurrency. For you to have any wallet that is concerned with Crypto, it ought to be created in Trust wallet app with the one-time few recovery phrase generated in the app.

You can download the app now when you click here. It is very simple to create provided that your device is internet-enabled and accessible. From this wallet, you can access all the coins in the world and watch their prices. It will help you to keep track of your assets, to know when to sell, and the changes in your saved assets.

How to Send Crypto Wallet Address

Learning how to send Crypto wallet address to someone that intends to transfer Crypto to you is actually a great achievement because it is the core of the transaction. Without this address, sending or receiving the coin is not promised. Therefore, before any coin is received, you must copy the address this way;

  1. Login your Trust Wallet app using your mobile phone.
  2. If you generated a passkey policy, login with the password or registered fingerprint to launch the wallet properly.
  3. On the first page which is the main wallet screen, choose the coin if it is recommended on this screen but if you couldn’t find it here, tap on the demo at the top right side of the screen to view list of Cryptos.
  4. Search the name of the Smart chain you wish to receive and then tap on it.
  5. Hit on Copy to have the address copied on your clipboard.

You are now free to forward to the sender or anyone that wants to send you the coin. Interestingly, the app will notify you when another chain drops in provided that you set it that way. Otherwise, log out and login again to view your wallet and confirm the transaction.

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Is it for Free?

Of course!, anything you do in Trust wallet app can only go through when your data connection is on. Even for you to copy any address, you must turn on your data connection so as to be able to access the wallet properly.

Therefore, for you to complete any transaction, whether buying, selling, or checking updates of your wallet, get your data connection or WiFi activated for successful or accurate results. How was this information? Helpful right?. Don’t forget to rate this guide in the comment box below.

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