How to Share a Memory On FB Story | Post Memories on Facebook

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Have you shared a memory on Facebook before? Here’s is how to share a post from your stories. In the left side menu of your news feed, click or tap on share. Introducing “Facebook On This day”, a new way to viewing your previous photos, the ultimate guide to Facebook stories and so you will learn here how to enjoy Facebook better with ideas on sharing Facebook memory on new Facebook app.

Facebook is one the Top 10 Best Android app on the net, the site is designed with much simplicity to serve all users. Now you can download Facebook 2020, Facebook Lite App, you can also sign up Facebook for free or delete Facebook account if you don’t want it. With so much flexibility, Facebook deploys all technicality to suite all individuals.

More like it; all Facebook users can now add daily experiences to their Facebook stories, this includes: photos, short videos, quotes, wedding invites, music and what have you. However you packages, brim or thick it will fit-in on the Facebook memory spot.

Facebook Memory Review

The new Facebook memory is the 2019 new Facebook feature that permits user to add stories in form of photos and videos on their Facebook memory spot. This stories or memories or simply put status can only stay for a while, after it will be deleted by Facebook.

To enjoy Facebook stories, you will have to sign up a Facebook account, this enables you to gain access to Facebook Timeline and Facebook story.

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How to Share a Memory On FB Story | Share Facebook Post to Story

It is very easy and simple to share a story on Facebook memory, you can use with your mobile phone or pc:

  • Open your browser and log on to
  • Sign into your account after that.
  • The Facebook story icon I located on the top right hand of your screen.
  • Share a Memory On FB Story image
  • Click on it and then accept to add your story.
  • Following that, you will land on your gallery, now to choose to add a photo(s) or video(s).
  • Click on done and also choose who you would like to view your stories. More so, tag any of your friends to get more viewers.
  • That is that, your story is ON-THE-GO.

How to Share a Memory to Facebook Story on Mobile

If you are using a mobile phone, then you are sure to enjoy much simplicity in sharing or adding any experiences on Facebook story. Smartphones like iPad, iPhone, androids, windows phone and others can comfortably upload photos on your Facebook story. Simply login into your account and follow the exact steps shown above to complete this.

How to Share Memories on Facebook Story App

You can add memories on Facebook stories using Facebook 2020 apk or Facebook Lite 2020. The new Facebook has a flexible and accessible keys. Simply tap-pen your app, here is your account, tap also on your Facebook story icon, follow the prompts to upload your photo or videos.

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What You Can Add on Facebook Story?

  • Short clips about 10 mb
  • Photos
  • Quotes
  • Add more than 5 photos etc.

How to Delete Memories on Facebook Story

If you want to delete whatever you added to your Facebook story, you can do that, but still know that, Facebook automatically deletes Facebook stories once it stays for 24 hours. No Facebook memories is permitted to stay beyond that. Also know that, Facebook forbids users to download Facebook stories, so relax and allow your Facebook memory to slide as it will be deleted before you know it.



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