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There are countries that can move into Amsterdam or Netherlands visa-free but this guide on how to travel to Amsterdam for free will convey you to Amsterdam by air without hassle. After processing your visa, your date for boarding the airflight will be communicated to you so that you will be ready to go to Amsterdam.

Netherlands is one of the popular travel hubs aside from Paris, Canada, Los Angeles, US, Dubai and so on. Before you can apply for Amsterdam visa, there are set of requirements that you must met up with in order to move into the country. However, in particular of European countries can go to Amsterdam without any visa while others must meet up with visa application requirements, fee, process their visa before immigrating.

Besides, we have been receiving questions on how someone outside Amsterdam and also not of Amsterdam will travel to Amsterdam for free. The truth is that you cannot travel to Amsterdam for free aside from students that got their Amsterdam visa funded and processed by their scholarship awardees. Also, there are skillful experts in certain jobs or life professions, such as health care expertise, engineers, and other professions that will receive job invite that its visa has been funded.

These are set of people that can travel to UK for free because their visa is already processed by the organization or individual inviting them to Amsterdam. Nevertheless, before you travel to Amsterdam, you must take note of your travel purpose because your travel purpose will determine the kind of visa and amount of visa fee to pay. At this point in time, you will get to meet other interesting information about Amsterdam visa.

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Amsterdam Visa Fee is How Much?

We feel so happy informing you that all immigrants must pay for their visa before the application will be eligible for evaluation. However, the visa fee is dependent on your visa type and visa type is determined by your purpose of travel.

Moreover, you must have your airflight ticket reservation by the time you are processing your visa application. Along with that is your hotel reservation ticket that you will submit its copy as an evidence of being ready for the travel. The reservation must be valid throughout the duration you will stay in the country.

Meanwhile, this exempts international students that were invited by any recognized funding organization or higher institution because it is already proved that their accommodation is intact. However, for your visa to be eligible for consideration, proof of subsistence will be needed.

Countries that can Apply Amsterdam/Netherlands Visa

All the European Economic Area ( EEA ), Commonwealth countries, and Swiss can go for for Amsterdam visa application, European countries don’t need UK visa because they can be conveyed from their city to Amsterdam under certain terms and conditions that each and every of their travelers must meet up with.

Types of Amsterdam Visa

Learning how to travel to Amsterdam for free will help you a lot because it will also help you discover why you want to move into the country.

  • Most people go to Amsterdam for sightseeing >> There is a visa for that and it is called the Tourist visa.
  • Maybe your family called you from UK. A ceremony that is family related can be going on in Amsterdam and you got a call. Travelling with the intent to meet with your family will board you a visa known as the same Tourist visa.
  • However, business-related travels need work visa.
  • Hope you know that students are offered study visa? In case you don’t know, that is the type of visa you will get.
  • On the other hand, if you are going somewhere and you need to pass through Amsterdam, Transit visa is the type of Amsterdam visa to go for.

If there is any other purpose for your travel to Amsterdam and you couldn’t find it here, let us know in the comment box below so that we will help you with the visa application.

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How to Travel to Amsterdam for Free

You can apply Amsterdam visa online but not for free. All visas are paid for so as to get it activated and qualified to go through the evaluation process. So, after finding out your travel purpose, Log onto the Amsterdam visa application website to choose the right visa type for your travel. It will connect with the online application form. So, fill it and provide other required documents. Schedule an appointment for your visa and attend the Amsterdam visa interview.

For your application, go to this page to download and fill the Amsterdam visa application form. Complete your application online and await the result. Meanwhile, it might interest you to know that you can extend your visa if you are in Amsterdam.

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