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Do you know how to travel to France with scholarship? Students are also privileged when it comes to travelling because there are tons of scholarship awards that will board you a plane to France in a twinkle of an eye. How to get this opportunity is what we are here to teach you.

Sciences Po University is a higher institution in Paris, Italy. This higher institution launched a scholarship award that attracts international students into Paris for not studies only, but also to have distinct life experiences, go around and discover other tourist centers that most adults are questing to come and explore. Save new memories and enjoy your studies while you are funded.

Meanwhile, as you are ready to discover how to travel to France with scholarship, Sciences Po University is the best choice because it funds only first and second degree. That said, students will be consecutively certified with Bachelor’s and Master’s degree certificate or singly. Feel free to indicate the level of study you want to enroll.

Interestingly, beneficiaries are determined from applicants. In essence, you must apply for the program so as to study in France through a well recognized and prominent university in Paris. What do you think? Are you ready to proceed with the application since the tutorial has elucidated procedures on how to attain either undergraduate or postgraduate degree.

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Aims of Sciences Po University Scholarship

Sciences Po University created and launched this university to facilitate international students that find it difficult to fund their course program in the university. Also, it is a scheme created to enlarge a vacuum where students will create relationships and widen their span of friendship.

Meet people in your field of study and other academic fields. Widen your relationship scope as this scholarship is always live to ensure that you travel to France with scholarship. It let international student to attain either Bachelor’s or Master’s certificate here, depending on your aspiration.

Fields of Study to Take in France

Non-European students that are applying for this program are free to partake in any field of study at the university provided that it is recognizable by Sciences Po University. No matter the programme you are taking, students are funded according to their level of study. Prior to that, it will interest you to know that Master’s candidates are funded more than undergraduates.

Scholarship Award

Hello! This is the scholarship award that is certain for all internation/Non-European applicants that turn out to be beneficiaries.

Masters beneficiaries will receive 10,000 euro. Each year is €5,000. A lttle drive to te duration will help. That has clearly proved that the study duration is 2 years.

While undergraduates will take straight 4 years funds that will exceptionally given to students but it is already obvious that each beneficiary will release up to €19,000 each. However, number of awards were not specified so this is your time before its September 2021.

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How to Travel to France with Scholarship

This is how to travel to France with Emile Boutmy scholarship that is funded by Sciences Po University. Provide proof of bank statement explaining your family financial situation. You are also free to provide other financial related documents that will promote your proof and ensure that you get the award without hassle.

I trust you see this as a hassle-free and scratch-free way of moving into France and it is true. Just go to to discover the application form and apply for the scholarship and provide other documents required to be attached.

Nevertheless, it is mandatory for all entrants to apply and submit before 28 February but if you missed the first phase, September is around the corner for you.Drop your contact details to be notified of the next opportunity.

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